11 Homebirth Facts No One’s Telling You

{Disclaimer: Totally not claiming to be the expert. I got these facts from a fact sheet my midwife gave me and a few other online sources, thought they were too interesting not to share. Did not do the studies or the research myself. Not everyone is able to, nor desires to have a Homebirth. Not hospital bashing either, we had a great experience with the hospital we delivered our first at.}

Did you know that on the day you give birth, over 350,000 mothers worldwide will join you in birthing their child and over 80% of those babies will be born at home?

IMG_2489{Photos taken during my pregnancy with Harper by KWP}

 For many in contemporary American culture, the thought of anything outside of a conventional birth in the hospital is not even considered an option. Frequently mothers planning homebirth are met with reactions such as “Women still do that?” “Is it safe? Legal?” or “What’s a midwife?”

Today’s homebirth midwives know how to balance the art and science of pregnancy and birth. Drawing from formalized education and training as well as apprenticeship-based and experiential learning they use intuition and experience as well as evidence-based practice and research.

Therefore, women who choose midwife assisted homebirth can benefit from having access to the best of both worlds—skilled, compassionate, individualized care from a trained midwife and the ability to go to the hospital to access the technology and expertise of obstetrics when needed for the health of mother or baby. {Source}

11 Homebirth Facts No One’s Telling You

1. In studies comparing home vs. hospital births, homebirths supervised by a trained attendant indicate fewer deaths, injuries and infections. (2)


2. Respiratory distress in newborns was 17 times higher in the hospital than at home. (2)


3. There are less interventions with a homebirth which means you have a better chance of avoiding induction, artificial breaking of your water, IV fluids, c-sections. You are much more likely to have a natural birth when you stay home. (5)


4. C-section babies are 4 times more likely to die than those born vaginally. (3)


5.  Even the World Health Organization has said that there is no proof that hospital births are safer than homebirths in the developed world. Most of the research on homebirths in the developed world has found that infant and maternal mortality rates are the same, if not better, than hospital rates. You both have less chance of infection or catching any sickness from hospital germs. At the hospital you have an increased risk of a whole bunch of foreign germs. (5)


6. Because you are in your own environment and on your own terms it will be more relaxing which usually means a better laboring and birth experience. Women tend to tense up once they get to the hospital; many times contractions will slow down or stop all together once you are lying flat on your back and hooked up to an IV. When you stay home you can relax and let things flow naturally.


7. At six weeks, well over 90% of mothers who had homebirths were still breastfeeding their babies. (1)


8. Only 12.1% transferred to hospital intrapartum or postpartum. Five out of six transfers were before delivery, most for failure to progress, pain relief or exhaustion. (1)


9. When your birth is attended by a midwife, your chances of hemorrhaging and/or continuing to hemorrhage are significantly reduced. (3)


10. You are very likely to have a c-section if you chose a hospital birth. The WHO concluded that there is no reason for any region of the world to have a cesarean rate more than 10-15%. As of 2009, the US cesarean rate was 32.9% and continues to increase. (3)


11. The longer your second stage of labor, the more likely you are in to receive a c-section when at the hospital. At home, there will be no time limit on your pushing stage unless there is a real problem. (3)


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*Other Sources backing up some of this information:

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6 thoughts on “11 Homebirth Facts No One’s Telling You

  1. Great wealth of knowledge.. Thanks for sharing these very true facts with the public. It is important for women desiring a completely natural birth to remember that many of these facts also apply to having a natural birth with a midwife in a hospital as well, if desired. However, this is assuming they have a hospital close by that will support a midwife, natural delivery and/or VBAC in some cases. Sad to know that many doctors won’t support VBACS, but refreshing to also know that we as women and parents have a choice and can have homebirths if these options are not available (or just if desired). Remember ladies – you and your husband/spouse take the lead. Don’t let fear lead your labor and delivery. Most of all.. God is ultimately in control. 🙂 so excited for you guys and can’t wait to hear your birthing story!

  2. Hi Molly, I found you at the Fantastic friday Linkup. Congratulations on the new Babe. You took me back to my baby making days. I loved it and I had homebirths. Congrats on that too. Take care and Thanks for sharing the stats.

  3. LOVE! So excited to have a home birth 🙂 I pray that’s the way it works out — can’t wait to hear about yours!

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