13 Simple Autumn DATE Ideas

fall trees


Enjoy a cup hot chocolate on the porch.

Take a deck of cards with you to play while you sip.

Card Games


Hangout at a bookstore.

Browse books and magazines together.


Visit a local flea market and find funny gifts for each other.


Grab coffee and walk around a nearby park or garden enjoying the cool weather and colorful trees! (This is my favorite!!)



Have a night picnic in front of the fireplace.

Get cozy blankets ready for cuddling.


Crash a hot tub!

If you don’t have access to one you probably have friends who do, so ask around!


Go hiking, the weather is perfect for it!

Fill your backpacks up with snacks and head to the closest park with trails.


Dance in the street!

Find a safe place to pull over, blare your favorite love songs and dance with your honey in the street! A parking lot works too! Peter has done this for me a few times and I love it every time!




Find a couple of flashlights and take a romantic evening walk around the neighborhood.

Point out your favorite houses as you walk and make up stories for the people who live in them!


Grab your towels and crash a hot tub!

If you don’t have access to one of these surely a friend or relative does!


Create a fall bucket list of things you want to do together this season.

Start doing things on your list and check them off.


Rent a tandem bike and stroll around the  downtown area with your sweetheart.



Attend a high school football game.

Cheer your favorite team on together!


More Fall Date Ideas

Molly and Peter 132

Photographs taken by Katie Weber Photography.

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