11 Ways Motherhood Changes You

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1. Getting Dressed

I used to carefully choose my outfit each morning and take my time getting dressed. Now, I’m lucky if I get my teeth brushed in the morning. Most days, it’s the afternoon when I’m out & about before I even catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


2. Shower= Vacation

Going to the bathroom & taking showers alone are two wonderful things I have taken for granted. Now, I call these moments, mini vacations!


3. Less Time for Phone Calls

I have always loved talking on the phone to friends & family- catching up and chatting about life. Yeah, that doesn’t work out too much anymore unless the kids are napping or strapped down in their car seats or stroller. Chasing a toddler while trying to keep up with a conversation on the phone is nearly impossible. This is what she’s doing while I’m on the phone…


And then this is what my kitchen looks like…


4. Sitting Alone in Public

Before becoming a mother, I dreaded going to places like Panera, Barnes, and Target alone. The thought of sitting at Panera or Barnes all by myself, was lonely and boring. Today, as a momma, I LOVE HAVING ALONE TIME at Panera, Barnes, Target, the grocery store, wherever! Not because I don’t loooooove my baby girl, but because during this time, I can think like a normal person. It’s selfish, but I can think about myself, take my time, do what I want. For a short time, I’m not juggling Sippy cups, preparing meals, wiping butt checks, or cleaning up messes.

5. Sniffing Someone Else’s Butt is Now a Norm.


6. I see Jesus in a Whole New Way

The first unmedicated moment I held my daughter, much of my relationship with God became CLEARER. Motherhood opened my eyes to see God’s love & grace in a whole new light. I am so often enamored by this stunning creation that I get to call MY DAUGHTER. She is perfect to her daddy and I, in every way! She is the definition of beauty, the masterpiece that He created for us to enjoy. She is pure evidence of Him.

I love this child more than I could EVER try to express, my heart feels like it could BURST with love for her. Feeling this way towards our little one has undoubtedly deepened my love for Christ because His love is pure, holy, and true. My love is selfish and conditional compared to His. I cannot believe He loves me WAY more than I love Harper. Just cannot imagine that kind of love.


7. I See My Momma Differently

I have always had respect for my momma and all the hard work she put into raising me and my siblings. But experiencing motherhood for myself has given me a whole new perspective. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more respect for my mom. Being a momma is HARD! Just thinking about my mom doing all the things for ME, that I constantly do for Harper brings tears to my eyes. I love her so much more for spending all that time and energy on me. Caring for another human is HARD and EXHAUSTING. My respect for Peter’s mom also, and moms in general has changed so much.


8. A Bit More Granola

Becoming responsible for the health and safety of another human really changed Peter and I’s views on so much, like: health, medicine, food, labor and delivery. We decided during my first pregnancy that we were going to educate ourselves as much as possible on the BIG things. We wanted to avoid opinionated articles/info and find the FACTS. We researched possible labor & delivery interventions, healthy eating, vaccinations and so many other things. If they were going to be injecting something into a our brand-new baby’s BLOOD STREAM at birth, then we were going to find out every single ingredient in that thing and look into the research behind each vaccination they insisted on injecting her with. {Great book with FACTS only} Our views on SO MANY things changed as we educated ourselves.


9. Less Judgmental

There was a time I judged moms for doing or not doing certain things. Then I became a mom and realized, you educate yourself and try to make the best decision possible. Or in some instants you just do what you gotta do to survive! Just the stress of making the “right decisions” for your child is overwhelming.

Homebirth, Birthing Center or Hospital Birth?

Breastfeed or Formula?

To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

Sleep schedule? On demand feeding? Attachment Parenting?

Daycare? Stay home?

Store bought baby food or homemade baby food?

AHH!! These are just a FEW, there are so many choices parents make everyday. The sad part is that, NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE, YOU WILL BE JUDGED AND YOU WILL BE CRITICIZED BY SOMEONE! But we’re all just trying to do what’s best for our family and that looks so different for everyone. There’s no “right way” to parent.

10. Not sure my pre-baby clothes will ever fit the same.

But I’m weirdly okay with it {most of the time} because really, this little face is so worth it!

811. I am a Sinner

The day we brought Harper home and everyday since, my sin becomes clearer and clearer to me. I am a selfish, broken and flawed momma. I will never be able to meet all of my children’s needs. I know will hurt them with my words and actions many many times during their life. I am in need of so much grace. So thankful that Jesus is the perfect parent and that our children can turn to Him for fulfillment and love.

So Thankful.


22 thoughts on “11 Ways Motherhood Changes You

  1. Beautiful post! Being a mom IS hard! You can say that again. I also agree with the showers–I never knew it would be so hard to find time to bathe. Silly me thought that I would just work it in or that someone would watch the baby for a few and let me do what I had to do (ahh haha yeah right lol). The baby becomes a permanent part of you and my little guy was right there in my arms while I took a shower. It’s crazy how much you can do with a baby on your hip =) <33

  2. I can relate to a lot of that. Phone talks with my son around are quite impossible as well, not so much anymore because of the mess, but because he starts to talk to me to get my attention 😉

    My pre-natal clothes mostly don’t fit me either anymore. They’ve become too big. My whole way of eating and moving changed after giving birth.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  3. What a sweet and lovely post. Though I’m not a mama myself, I think you did a great job highlighting the highs and lows, pros and cons of being responsible for a tiny person. Great post.

  4. The photos are so adorable! I’m definitely not a mom yet but I look forward to the time in the future when I do have kids (many years away for me). I think moms are truly amazing women!!

  5. These are all so true. #10 makes me sad…I’m still holding onto all of them in hopes that I’ll make it back into them one day. One day. And sometimes I lie to my husband and tell him I have to use the bathroom when really I just need 5 minutes of alone time 🙂 After kids, life as we knew it will never be the same again. But in a good way, right?? 😉 -Misty

  6. It’s so funny because my husband and I use to be all coy about the ‘sniffing bums in public’ thing but we got over that rather quickly! lol

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