12 Simple Ways to Entertain your Toddler

I’m always looking for random activities to entertain Harper while I’m cooking dinner or trying to get something done. Here are a few simple activities that seem to entertain her for 20-40 minutes at a time. They’re aren’t super awesome “Pinterest” activities. They take very little prep and very little materials.


1| Raw Pasta Noodles.

I pull out pasta noodles along with some cups and others items that can hold pasta. She spends time transferring pasta noodles from one cup to the other.



2| Dried Beans

Who knew black beans could be so fun? Lay down a blanket, fill up a pan, bowl or bucket give her some tools and let her at it. If she gets beans on the carpet or tile, they’re pretty easy to vacuum or sweep up.

{If your toddler puts things in his/her mouth bean play may not be a good idea!}


3| Straws.

Harper loves to play with our straws, which can sometimes be a pain to pick up, but hey they keep her busy. Sometimes I give her cups and baggies to load up with straws. These aren’t horrible to clean up if you contain the situation. ha ha. I do find straws in random places though.


4| Build a Fort.

This is one Harper gets pretty excited about. She enjoys reading books and playing in her fort. We always end our fort time with a game of daddy chasing us into the fort!


5| Clip Finding Game.

Clip clothes pins on to random items around the house and allow her to find them all. Harper loves finding them and pulling them free, then she spends more time playing with the clothes pins trying to figure out how to clip them. I usually clip them onto more items once she collects them all.





6| Stacking Cans.

My girl has a blast stacking cans and arranging them. She has spent up to 40 minutes playing with cans while momma makes dinner!


7| Fabric Fun.

Got some fabric scraps together for Harper to play with. She loves pulling tissues out of the tissue box so I figure this is similar. Totally got this idea from Pinterest.

fabricHarper enjoys pulling all the fabric pieces out and putting them back in.


8| Flour.

Harper loves playing with flour using her beach toys. When she does this activity inside the house I lay a huge towel on the kitchen floor for her to play on. Flour is fairly easy to clean up.


9| New Books.

Harper LOVES books! She has tons of books in her room so, once in a while I pull out a few new ones for her to look through.read

10| Splashing in the Sink.

The girl LOVES baths and bubbles. Filled up the sink one day and threw some toys in there, she LOVED it! She stands on a little stool and plays for quite a while. This is another one that can keep her attention for up to 40 minutes. I try not to give her cups because she likes to pour the water onto the floor! ha ha.



11| Gift Bags

We have a ton of old gift bags and my little one seems to LOVE bags. She enjoys emptying them out and filling them back up, especially with tissue. She’ll walk around the house and put random things in the bag.


12| Yogurt Art.

Harper loves yogurt and she loves playing with it. I usually take her shirt off since it gets all over her. I dump yogurt on her tray and give her fun utensils to play with.


Bonus Ideas!!! {Just for fun!}

**You can always have a playmate over. Harper is always a lot more entertained when she has friends around!


**Hire a story teller to read to your toddler.reaing


What are some things that your toddler enjoys doing?

8 thoughts on “12 Simple Ways to Entertain your Toddler

  1. Just be careful with the dry beans. Just a couple dry kidney, and a few other types of beans, could kill a small child. They have toxins that are eliminated by soaking and boiling. If an adult were to eat even a few they would be very sick also. Even fresh like out of your garden are toxic. They have to be cooked properly.

    • Wow, interesting!! I was thinking be careful with hard beans for choking reasons, especially larger ones like kidney beans, but I had no idea about the dangerous toxins in raw beans! Thanks for sharing. Raw yucca can also be deadly. Crazy!

      Thanks Molly for the cute ideas!! 🙂

  2. super cute ideas! I wouldn’t have thought of any of these haha. I don’t have kids so that’s probably why, but if I babysit any of my nephews/nieces in the future, I’ll keep this in mind!

  3. This are some great ideas. I was just concerned with the bean idea…and maybe that’s because I am almost always in nurse mode. Thanks so much for linking this up at The Southern Special.

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