13 Things For New Parents of NEW BORNS to Know!

1. baths

First baths are so exciting. While baby still has umbilical cord attached a sponge bath will do. Harper has always loved baths! Babies do not need baths every day, this can actually really dry out their skin. Some things we really worried about were, getting water in her ears and mouth. We learned that if they drink a little bath water or get some in their eyes or ears it’s perfectly fine. Obviously you do not want your child, at any age, to drink bath water or get too much in their ears. If your child vomits after bathing it could be because they’re drinking too much water. And obviously too much water in the ears could lead to an ear infection. Thing that will make your life easier is a bath kneeler. We love this thing! {Coupon Page}

Alternative Ways to Bathe Baby

-Take baby in the shower with you.

-Bathe baby in the sink so you don’t have to hunch over the tub.

-Place baby tub on the counter so it’s easier.

-My FAVORITE– Bathe with baby. Fill up the tub and hold baby close. Lay baby on your legs to scrub down.

For more tips on Bathing Baby.


2. cradle cap

Harper had this and I thought it was just dry skin, so for weeks I would just cover it in coconut oil, but that didn’t do anything. I learned that moisturizing it is not enough. Cradle cap is actually a buildup of dry skin so you have to be more active.

SOLUTION: Rub your choice of moisturizer on the dry area, use a baby comb to comb the dry skin off baby’s scalp. Kind of like scraping it off but in a very gentle way. Works best when the area is very moisturized.

3. dry skin

Many babies have dry skin. To help, massage coconut oil or lotion into their skin daily. If your baby has baby eczema or very dry skin try to cut back on baths. Baths make dry skin worse. Especially since a baby isn’t going outside and getting dirty. If you’re on top of diaper changes than you’re keeping the most important parts clean.

4. grunting

Harper grunted all. the. time!! For a while I thought maybe she was trying to poop or maybe she was upset, but I learned it’s nothing to worry about. Some babies just grunt- silly little things.

5. poop (happens… A LOT)

Newborns serious go to the bathroom sooooooooooooo much! Especially if you’re nursing. So yes, it’s normal if you’re changing 10 diapers a day. In fact, it’s GREAT! It means that baby’s digestive system is getting into gear and able to do it’s job. In the middle of the night it can be exhausting though!!

It’s 3 am, baby is fed, all cleaned up and ready to go back to bed BUT as you button up their outfit you hear somewhat of an explosion in their pants! Oh gosh! I remember this ALL too well! Being left there in the dark contemplating whether to change her, which would of course wake her back up, or just let her sleep in it. Most of the time I’d change her and regret it when she wouldn’t fall back asleep afterwards.

So I’m here to tell you—> You are NOT a bad parent if let your baby sleep in a soiled or wet diaper once in a while! Just maybe not for hours and hours and probably not all the time. Baby will be better taken care of if mama and dada are well rested!

6. mixed up days and night

A lot of newborns get days and nights mixed up. During the day make sure to be active, loud and vocal around baby. Play music, sing songs, turn on all the lights and do daytime things to let baby know it’s day time. As evening rolls around speak in soft voices and create a calming environment. During the night when baby wakes to eat, try not to turn on lights, minimize the noise and whisper so baby knows it’s not time to play. Soon he’ll get the message.

baby monkey hat

7. nursing

During month one the most important thing for baby is that she is getting enough food. Newborn babies eat every 2-3 hours. When feeding baby try to make sure they’re getting a full feeding each time. Most pediatricians say about 15 minutes on each side during the first couple of months. The amount of time is different for each baby, Harper only drank 10 on each side and she was VERY healthy. If baby isn’t gaining healthy weight ask your pediatrician more about nursing.

8. rashes

Babies have pretty sensitive skin. They get rashes and red splotches pretty often and easily. If you notice something that looks like a rash keep an eye on it and unless it gets bigger & spreads it’s usually nothing to worry about. Their skin has not been in this big wide world for long.

9. red spots

Most babies are born with red spots somewhere on their little bodies. These spots are actually called angel kisses. Some fade away after months but many stick around for the first year of baby’s life. Harper had some spots on her forehead that went away but she still has a cluster on the back of her head which is covered with hair now. These spots are normal and nothing to worry about. There is no cure.

Sometimes after a long nap you’ll notice baby has a big red spot on her forehead or cheek, this is normal and should fade within the hour.

10. sneezing

This will happen a lot… seriously A. L.O.T. If you’re anything like us, you probably thought that baby was getting a cold or allergic to something. Ha ha!! Our pediatrician told us, babies cannot blow their noses, so sneezing is their way of doing it. Nothing to worry about there.

11. spit up

Spit up is a VERY NORMAL thing. A few times our little one spit up so much and so fast we thought she was vomiting. Turns out sometimes babies bodies and digestive systems are just getting used to life outside of the womb.

If your baby seems to be vomiting ask: Are they fussy? Do they seem like they’re in pain?

If yes, then you should probably ask your doctor if it continues.

When Harper would projectile spit up/ vomit she didn’t get upset. I would usually offer her more to eat and sometimes she’d drink more but sometimes she didn’t. Just trust yourself and your choices. Don’t feel bad or awkward about calling the pediatrician that’s what they’re there for!


12. spoiling baby

Seriously, don’t worry about spoiling baby during the first few weeks of their life. They are ONLY THIS SMALL FOR SUCH A SHORT TIME!!! In just a few short months they WILL NOT fall asleep on you any more, they WILL NOT want to cuddle anymore, and they WILL NOT be as small and cozy. So ignore the people that tell you your spoiling your baby and you just hold that baby for as long as you want. Life will get back to normal, busy again and baby will grow and you’ll wish you could just sit there and hold him/her again.

13. umbilical cord

Baby’s umbilical cord will probably fall off the first or second week, nothing to be freaked out about. Just fold their little diaper to hug their bellies underneath the drying cord. Don’t pull on cord or try to cut it off! After cord some off don’t try to clean out these bellybutton it’s still healing so leave it alone.


Photos taken by: Katie Weber Photography

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  1. Love this article!! Sooo true about spoiling your baby. My baby boy is going to be 6months next week. Ever since he was born I would hold him close, I would rock him to sleep. Anytime I could I would have him. After 4months he became independent and didn’t want me to rock him to sleep anymore. Now it’s very rare that he will fall sleep in my arms. But the days I can hold him without him trying to break free I DO!! Love you Molly and love to read your blog.

  2. I had no idea how much babies sneezed or hiccuped actually, definitely scared me at first! Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ play. Party. Pin.

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