22 Great Uses for Breastmilk


You thought breast milk was only meant to feed your baby??? No way! There are many many more awesome uses for breast milk, these are just a few useful ones for mommas. Not only is breast milk sterile, it’s packed with antibodies, it’s natural and it’s FREE! I was super excited to find some of these uses.

Try using breast milk for any of the following:

1| Diaper rash. 

2 |Skin Rash. Rub breast milk over the rash and watch how quickly it disappears.

3| Baby acne. Rub breast milk over acne, breast milk will help keep this area clean while clearing it up.

4| Eczema. Rub breast milk over rashy area and allow milk to dry.

5| Cradle cap. I wish I’d tried this when my oldest had cradle cap, I just had no idea breast milk could help!

6| Scrapes/ scratches. Pat on hurt area.

7| Bug bites or stings. Rub breast milk on bites and allow milk to dry.

8| Stuffy nose. Squirt or use a dropped to drop inside of nose.

9| Pink eye.

10| Dry skin. Rub breast milk over dry area and allow milk to dry.

11| Burns. Pat onto burned area.

12| Sore or cracked nipples.

13| Sunburn.

14| Chapped lips. Dab a bit of milk onto dry lips, leaving them wet. Apply often, and lips should take only a day or two to heal.

15| Acne. Rub milk into infected area.

16| Warts.

17| Ear infection. Squirt some breast milk in baby’s ear or use a dropper. *Might want to discuss this one with your pediatrician first. Truth

18| Poison Ivy. Use a cotton ball moistened with the breast milk to spread it on the skin.

19| Baking/ Cooking.

20| Teething Popsicle. Freeze your breastmilk in a Popsicle mold to sooth baby’s sore gums. Banana Breast Milk Recipe.

21| Butter.

22| Makeup remover. Breast milk is the best make up remover because it has anti-inflammatory as well as cleansing properties among others.

*For most of these, rub breast milk over infected area and allow milk to dry. For eyes, ears and nose, using a dropper might work best.

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