5 Apps Every Mom Needs

These are five apps I use weekly, some daily. All mommas should have these apps!

1| IBotta

You earn money just by purchasing the regular everyday things you need. Right before I go to the store, I scroll though the rebates and unlock products that I’m planning on buying. Sometimes you have to watch a short video or answer a question to unlock the rebate. There are so many participating stores now.

2|  Target Cartwheel

Offers deals on their products, basically online coupons. I love when I find items I need for 50% off! It’s very easy to use. You can either scroll through their items before purchasing or you can scan items as you go to see if there’s a coupon available. I love this app!

3| Starbucks

I have only had this one for a few months and have already earned many free drinks and I get free refills on coffee!

With this App you can:

  • Pay, check your balance and reload your Card
  • Earn Stars and redeem rewards
  • Leave a digital tip for your barista
  • Find and redeem your personalized offers
  • Get our free Pick of the Week
  • Find stores, get directions and access store-specific hours and amenities
  • View our current menu choices and nutritional content

4| Bible App

Having the Word of God on an app has been amazing! It’s easy and pretty much with you all the time. I have two favorite Bible Apps, both have awesome reading plans. YouVersion is completely free, while some Bible plans on She Reads Truth cost money but not much. She Reads Truth is specifically for women and each reading plan has a devotional that goes along with each day.



5| Bible App for Kids

Our toddler brings us the IPAD constantly asking for “Bible!” We began using this Bible App with her at Christmas time and we have loved reading it as a family ever since! It’s a wonderful Bible app for young kids as it reads aloud and the animations move or make noise when you touch them. We don’t give our toddler very much screen time, but when we do we love for it to be meaningful!

6 thoughts on “5 Apps Every Mom Needs

  1. I’m not a mom and I have all of these haha. I do nanny so thats my excuse for having the kids Bible app. Cartwheel is such a great app! I just got the Starbucks app and I love it.

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