9 Fall Family Activities


Activities the whole family will enjoy this fall!

one || sing a silly holiday song

Play this turkey song and sing it as a family. It’s such a funny song. Every year I share this with my students and they ALWAYS love it and share it with their families!!

two || thankfulness turkey

Put up a paper turkey head somewhere in the house that says “I’m Thankful For…” Cut out colorful feather shapes using construction paper.

Each day this month encourage the family to write down something they’re thankful for on a tail feather to add to the turkey.

Let the children know that Tom the turkey would love to have a BIG BEAUTIFUL TAIL by Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving enjoy Tom’s tail feathers as a family.  Look back on all the blessings you’ve noticed this month and thank God for each one.

three || treats for your neighbor

Collect pine cones around the neighborhood. Turn the pine cones into little turkeys by adding tail feathers, a turkey head and a beak! Attach a sweet note and candy corn. Drive or walk around the neighborhood leaving these sweet treats on door steps!

four || make a scarecrow

Collect some of dad’s old clothes to use for the scarecrow’s body. Use some of the kid’s old clothing and make a whole scarecrow family. The kids will get a kick out of this!

Things you will need: leaves (or hay, newspaper), trash bag for the head & face, marker to draw the face on bag, pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, shoes, hat. HAVE FUN!

five || personality pumpkin pies

Make or buy individual pumpkin pies. Have toppings so everyone can decorate their pie to represent themselves. For toppings some ideas are whipped cream, candy corn, nuts, chocolate chips. Before enjoying the sweet treat everyone can show off their desserts!

six || cuddle under the stars

Prepare hot chocolate or apple cider, grab blankets, books and head outdoors. Find a place where the whole family can settle and get cozy– front porch, back porch, lawn, backyard. Bring flashlights enjoy reading in the nice cool weather together!

nine || thankfulness letters

As a family write letters to people you’re thankful for. In each letter express why you’re thankful for them. If you have young children, these could be HILARIOUS and so fun for others to read. Write to family members, friends, school bus driver, teachers, mailman, even the grocery store clerk. Everyone likes to be appreciated!

eight || make your own hayride

If you or someone you know has a pickup truck– fill the bed with hay, prepare some candy apples, look up some fun hayride songs and have yourself a good ol’ fashion hayride around the neighborhood

nine || collect wood and build a bonfire together

Sings songs, roast marshmallows, tell stories! You can even make dinner using the bonfire– corn on the cob, baked potato & steak! Yum! The kids will L.O.V.E it!


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