Amelia’s Purple Nursery

Amelia is a precious 15 month old, she was one of Harper’s first friends! Amelia

Check out her room.

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Emmy2Let’s take a closer look at the details.

EmmyI cut Emmy’s name out of scrapbook paper and strung it on this ribbon that came on a gift from my baby shower.
Emmy4I cut out circles of scrapbook paper and glued them to ribbon so they would move like a mobile. We hung them over the changing table which is now just Emmy’s dresser.
Emmy5I layered various papers and then put vinyl letters on top before I painted a layer of acrylic paint on the whole thing. After the paint dried, I peeled the letters off and then outlined them with a sharpie.
Emmy6I stretched fabric over canvas stretchers and painted this A (for Amelia, her given first name).
Emmy7This was an old window we have had in our garage for years. It found its perfect home in Emmy’s room.

Emmy8I made these puff balls from tissue paper and strung them onto some ribbon to hang from the ceiling near Emmy’s crib so she could look at them to inspire dreaming.

Submitted by: Melissa L.

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2 thoughts on “Amelia’s Purple Nursery

  1. Great name! My daughter’s name is Amelia – sometimes we call her Melia… Emmy is another great nickname!
    Her room is here:
    I also added some pick tissue paper flowers since I did that post.

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