Halloween is Over

We really enjoyed our Halloween night with our kiddos! It was a blast teaching them how to trick-or-treat while meeting our neighbors and secretly eating their candy. Being a mom on Halloween was SO FUN! Spending the evening serving our kids by doing their hair, getting them dressed, prepping treats to give out and all […]


**No babies were harmed during this photo shoot! Thought it would be sweet getting some sister-sister-sister photos. They turned out to be not so picture perfect, but pretty funny. Galilee did not enjoy the grass much! Then Sawyer decided to hide Galilee! HAHA! She obviously did not know how to hold her little sis properly. […]

Sawyer turns 2!

Life has been busy with a 3 year old, NOW TWO YEAR old and 6 month old! But it’s never too busy to celebrate life. Our second born, Sawyer, turned two years old this month, which is unbelievable to me. It really, truly feels like I just caught her in the water yesterday. (HAHAHA. That […]

Bear’s First Birthday!

Bear’s momma is one of my bestest friends! We met as new moms at MOPS and have been journeying through motherhood, wifehood and life together ever since. Our family loves little Bear and his whole family, they are huge blessings to us. We had so much fun celebrating this little guy’s first birthday. Momma & […]

Harper’s Turns Three

With three small children it’s very hard to be productive in party prep so I am very thankful for the college ladies who came over for a sleep over and helped me with the details of Harper’s party. They made it extra special! Y’all are so awesome! Harper had a fever the day before and […]

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Christ and His triumph over death is what we celebrate today and every day! He has redeemed my soul from the pit of emptiness, He has redeemed my soul from death. Easter is not about getting all dressed up or Easter egg hunts or eating ham. Those are all great and so fun, in fact […]

Joy and Sorrow

Sandwiched between a dear friend losing her unborn and my grandfather losing his fight to cancer is the birthday of my sweet sweet baby girl, Galilee. Not sure if I have ever experienced such extreme and opposite emotions during such a short space in time. Death, life, death. In early morning when her cry woke […]

2015 Young Family Recap

Life has been very very busy over the last five months! Cannot believe I haven’t had time to post anything since September. I miss my blogging hobby! 2015 was filled with blessings and craziness and mostly strength from the Lord. Starting with the kiddos— Harper pretty much potty trained herself around her second birthday! Yippee! […]