Joy and Sorrow

Sandwiched between a dear friend losing her unborn and my grandfather losing his fight to cancer is the birthday of my sweet sweet baby girl, Galilee. Not sure if I have ever experienced such extreme and opposite emotions during such a short space in time. Death, life, death. In early morning when her cry woke […]

2015 Young Family Recap

2015 was filled with blessings and craziness and mostly strength from the Lord. Starting with the kiddos— Harper pretty much potty trained herself around her second birthday! Yippee! Sawyer went on her first plane ride & pony ride, and multiple since then. Harper has so many fashion opinions. She mostly dresses herself and changes outfits […]

Sawyer’s Turns One

  {KatieWeberPhotography} We recently celebrated our sweet Sawyer’s first birthday. Just cannot believe a year could fly by that quickly. She is my sweet second born baby, my “surprise” baby, my VBAC Homebirth– YOU CAN DO IT baby! Her birth was such an amazing, empowering and surreal experience for me. Her life has been such […]

Baby Update

Things have been a little bit cray cray over here at the Youngs! After some bleeding at 8 weeks, an ultrasound showed a Subchorionic Hemorrhage in my uterus, which can cause miscarriage and other complications. At the time my midwife told me to really “take it easy” and rest as much as possible. Because there […]

Estela’s 50th!

My mom turned 50 last month and we sure did celebrate! There are hundreds more pictures but here are a few of my personal favorites. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so thankful you were born 50 years ago. Love you.            Birthday girl… does not look 50! Sawyer fell asleep in […]

Bump Ahead

This is our attempt at a funny announcement! Ha ha! Funniest part is that we really didn’t have to work hard to make the living room look messy! Another baby on the way! YAY! We found out on our wedding anniversary in May, that we were expecting baby # 3. Although news like this is […]

Not So Terrible Twos

My first born is two! And it started. People, even strangers commenting on the “terrible twos.” Something feels so wrong about calling a stage of life “terrible,” naming God’s gift, a curse. Sugar coating aside… Yes, toddlers are truly exhausting. Hysterical tears for no reason, fits of rage, deliberate disobedience, they don’t know how to […]