Baby Update

Things have been a little bit cray cray over here at the Youngs!

After some bleeding at 8 weeks, an ultrasound showed a Subchorionic Hemorrhage in my uterus, which can cause miscarriage and other complications. At the time my midwife told me to really “take it easy” and rest as much as possible. Because there was no more spotting I continued life as usual until it happened again a few weeks later, along with some cramping. We went in again, baby looked great and the hemorrhage was a tiny bit smaller. This time I took her a little more seriously when she reminded me to rest and take it easy.

Last week with Sawyer’s first birthday approaching and my first MOPS Leader meeting, I got a little too excited and over did my activity. I had the biggest bleed and it was very scary. I was put on bed rest immediately and checked on baby. Baby was/is doing great.

My hemorrhage is not huge, but still increases risk of complications. The more I rest, the more quickly my body can heal and I can continue life normally. The bleeding has currently stopped so I am getting up and moving around a little more to see the girls and friends who visit.

Seems like every time I have had a bleed it was right after too much activity. Peter and I don’t want to risk baby’s health, so we are going to work hard to make sure I can remain on modified bed rest until our next ultrasound in 4 weeks! Really he’s the one doing all the hard work, I’m just going to fight my urge to pick up the kids and fighting off the craziness that comes with spending most of my time in bed.

Peter has been sooooooooooooo amazing at serving me and taking care of the girls AND working! The house has been so clean and he pretty much threw Sawyer’s first birthday party on his own, with some help from my momma and sis.

We are in good spirits and trusting Jesus with our unborn. I’ve constantly been thanking the Lord for the time He’s allowed me to carry this child. I feel so blessed to have had 14 wonderful weeks with life growing inside of me.

Although this has been a difficult time for our family, we know it is growing us and stretching us in new ways. God is revealing His goodness and grace through all of our family/friends, flooding our home with sweet blessings and the truest of riches. From gift baskets, surprise treats on our porch, meal trains, groceries, friends watching our kiddos ALL DAY, even out of town friends/ family sending us food, food cards, offering to come help!

WE ARE BLESSED and so overwhelmed by His goodness! I am tempted to list our friends and family right here to publicly thank them for the amazing blessing they have been to our family. You know who you are… THANK YOU!

We know our relationship with Jesus can only be established through faith and trust. And so we feel confident that this is a time of growing in our faith and trust of Christ. What a trustworthy and faithful God He has constantly proven to be.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23 

We would love it if you would join us in praying for some things:

Please pray with us that the hemorrhage will be completely healed at our next appointment and baby would continue to be healthy.

Pray for Peter, that God would give him an amazing strength and patience as he serves and cares for the 3 ladies in his life.

Pray for unity in our marriage, quality time together and thankful hearts through the craziness.

Pray that God would continue to lavish His grace on us through family and friends bringing meals and helping with our kiddos.

Your afflictions may only prove that you are more immediately under the Father’s hand. There is no time that the patient is such an object of tender interest to the surgeon, as when he is bleeding beneath his knife. So you may be sure if you are suffering from the hand of a reconciled God, that His eye is all the more bent on you.”

—Robert Murray McCheyne



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  1. Molly, rest more than what you want, please, take very good care of yourself and your baby and God will do everything else. You have been so blessed with Peter, friends and family, so dont rush on doing things that can wait. Your girls are so cute. Lots of love and God bless you all.

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