Baby Young #4 has arrived!

We are so thrilled to share that our sweet little girl has made her debut in the world. She is healthy and doing well. Such a gift.

She arrived on November 28th, at 3:03pm.
Weighing 7lbs 6oz | Stretching 20 inches long

Meet Ruah Carmichael Young

Ruah comes from the Hebrew word, ruach. God’s ruach is the source of life. The one who gives life to all creation. Moses states this truth explicitly: “God . . . gives breath [ruach] to all living things” (Numbers 27:16). Job understood this truth as well: “As long as I have life within me, the breath [ruach] of God in my nostrils” (Job 27:3). Ruach is found 400 times in the Old Testament.

Carmichael comes from a missionary, Amy Carmichael. She spent most of her life advancing the Gospel in India. Carmichael’s most notable work was with girls and young women, she rescued from forced prostitution. Hindu temple children were primarily young girls dedicated to the gods, then usually forced into prostitution to earn money for the priests. Carmichael would travel long and far to rescue even just one girl and provide a safe place for them. Her example as a missionary inspired others (including Jim Elliot and his wife Elisabeth Elliot) to take risks for the sake of the Gospel, setting captives free.

We had planned for another homebirth but this time our sweet baby needed some extra assistance coming into the world. After 18 hours of labor and some pushing, baby Ruah was unable to descend. We were quickly transferred to a nearby hospital where I had an emergency C-Section. Doctor informed us that, Ruah had been tightly tangled in her umbilical cord and unable to descend into the birth canal.

I cannot express enough how unbelievably BLESSED we are to have wise midwives, ambulances and skilled doctors. This experience has given us such a grateful heart for the luxuries of living in this time in history and in this country. Wow! We are seriously blessed to have medical help minutes away with trained physicians and surgeons. Just wow!

I won’t sugarcoat things, like Peter would say, things got intense. Lots of tears and sooooo much prayer was going on before this shot was taken above^.  But, all the while knowing we were in the hands of the ultimate physician and the giver of life. Our hope is Christ alone. He continues to lead us into deep reliance on Him, a trust without borders. Our children are His and His love for them is far greater than any love we could ever muster.

Now for the sweetest pictures you’ve ever seen! =D

|Meeting her three big sisters.|

|Galilee saying, hi baby!|

|First family photo as 6!|

|And, Galilee is crying because she wants to hold the baby!|

Since cesarean section is a major surgery, recovery is a little different than we were expecting. I have mostly been in bed while Peter has been Mr. Mom. Goodness, he has been amazing at caring for me and our four kids! So so so thankful for him!!! It’s been so hard for me to stay in bed, I hate feeling helpless. But I am so thankful for his insistence that I rest. We have also been blessed by our family and the sweet village around us bringing us meals everyday, picking up our kiddos, letting us drop off our kiddos and serving us well. Thank you to all who are serving us. Life would be much more difficult without community.

We’d love for you to join us in praying for,

 My recovery and no complications

The big girls adjusting

*Especially Galilee adjusting to being a big sister and not the “baby” anymore, so much is changing for this sweet girl

Rest and endurance for Peter during my recovery

And probably the most important needed prayer… We have 4 children and our oldest is four years old! These next few years, although WONDERFUL, will be filled with lots and lots of sanctifying. Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart. Please pray for our parenting to be UNIFIED, GRACE-FILLED, and GOSPEL CENTERED.

We deeply desire to honor the Lord in our parenting and love our children well.

3 thoughts on “Baby Young #4 has arrived!

  1. So beautiful, Molly, from the words to the sweet sweet pictures of your girls and all of you together. Congratulations on another beautiful little girl! I’m praying for healing, strength, wisdom, and guidance for you and Peter as you raise your girls to glorify God.

  2. Congratulations she is Beautiful thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures and a big Hug to Peter for all his hard work and to you for being such a loving and wonderful mom love you a big Kiss to all those little girls God bless you all Always

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