Best Toys for Baby’s First Year

Newborn to 3 Months

Soft books

Soft books with easy-to-see patterns or decorations are designed just for babies. Sit baby on your lap or lie down next to baby and read to her while allowing her to watch you turn each page- even at this age reading together pays off.



Bouncy Chair

Very entertaining and stimulating for baby.



Unbreakable Mirror

Although they won’t realize it’s themselves they’re seeing at this stage, babies love looking at themselves in the mirror. Around three months old your baby may even start smiling or giggling at her reflection. Look for a mirror you can hang near a changing table or stand up in front of your baby during tummy time.




Mobiles ad a new dimension for baby. Many babies enjoy mobiles that move and play music. Harper would stare at her mobile for such a long time.


3 to 6 Months

Teething Animals

These animals are fun to chew on and easy to hold because of all their limbs.



Colorful Hanging Toys

At this age they start to notice the fun toys you have hanging in their crib, car or play mat. Hanging these above baby can give her practice grabbing things. She will enjoy the textures and colors.



6 to 9 Months

Around this age babies start to get around by crawling, scooting and some rolling! Toys that move like this one can be fun for them to chase and play with.



Most babies are very interested in remotes and cell phones. This is a great toy that baby will most likely enjoy for months to come. She will enjoy pressing the buttons and dancing to the music.



Basic Baby Blocks

Great brain-boosting and skill building toy that baby can enjoy for years!

basic blocks


9 to 12 Months

Singing Book

Babies will probably enjoy this light up, singing book at a much younger age but between 9-12 months they may show more interest in looking through it and turning the pages themselves.


Play Table

Around this age most babies are learning how to pull up, stand and even walk. This is a fun and very entertaining toy for this age!



Moving Lady Bug

This has been one of my little one’s all time favorites! She dances to the music, chases the moving bug, chases the balls and puts them back in! Sometimes she tries to take them back out before the bug releases them again. This toy has also been a hit with other kiddos who have come to visit!


Ball Popper

Another GREAT skill builder.

ball popper



Even though babies around this age probably aren’t great at stacking these they’re still fun to play with and a great skill building toy. Teaching them to stack these blocks then knock them down is a blast!


What does or did your baby like to play with during his/her first year?!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the list Lauren! I’m always trying to figure out what my baby girl would like. Thought I could save other new mommas some time in searching for toys that their babies would love during each age group. Love your blog!

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