Bear’s First Birthday!

Bear’s momma is one of my bestest friends! We met as new moms at MOPS and have been journeying through motherhood, wifehood and life together ever since. Our family loves little Bear and his whole family, they are huge blessings to us. We had so much fun celebrating this little guy’s first birthday. Momma & […]

Bump Ahead

This is our attempt at a funny announcement! Ha ha! Funniest part is that we really didn’t have to work hard to make the living room look messy! Another baby on the way! YAY! We found out on our wedding anniversary in May, that we were expecting baby # 3. Although news like this is […]


A post written by Brooke over at The idea of cloth diapering can be overwhelming. I don’t think there is any doubt that they are truly better than disposable diapers…they save thousands of dollars each year, they are about a million times better for the environment, they are much safer for your baby’s sensitive […]

Helwig Gender Reveal

Written by Brittany Helwig So in my family I’m known as the creative one… who can’t just keep it simple. So when it comes to sharing news, like pregnancy or baby’s gender, I have some expectations to live up to. If it was up to my husband, Viv, he would just tell them, “Oh by […]

Miller Family’s Adoption Story

I don’t really remember what life was like without children nor could I imagine life without my children. When our first child was born, Salah, she gave my husband and I a whole new understanding of God’s love for us. God gave His one and only son, Jesus, as a living sacrifice to save us […]