22 Great Uses for Breastmilk

You thought breast milk was only meant to feed your baby??? No way! There are many many more awesome uses for breast milk, these are just a few useful ones for mommas. Not only is breast milk sterile, it’s packed with antibodies, it’s natural and it’s FREE! I was super excited to find some of […]

The Honest Truth About Cloth Diapers

We switched to cloth diapers about 5 months ago. My oldest was 14 months and my youngest was in the womb. For the 14 months prior, we used disposable diapers. So, it has been quite a change! From wrapping up poop and trashing the stinky diaper, to scraping poop and keeping the stinky diaper. Right […]

20 Momma Freebies

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?? I have used and loved most of these deals. Most of the links lead you to the website where you have to give your information before receiving anything free. Have fun and feel free to share any other momma freebies you’ve recently enjoyed! 1| Sling from Seven 2| Breast Pump […]

12 Simple Ways to Entertain your Toddler

I’m always looking for random activities to entertain Harper while I’m cooking dinner or trying to get something done. Here are a few simple activities that seem to entertain her for 20-40 minutes at a time. They’re aren’t super awesome “Pinterest” activities. They take very little prep and very little materials. 1| Raw Pasta Noodles. I […]