Halloween is Over

We really enjoyed our Halloween night with our kiddos! It was a blast teaching them how to trick-or-treat while meeting our neighbors and secretly eating their candy. Being a mom on Halloween was SO FUN! Spending the evening serving our kids by doing their hair, getting them dressed, prepping treats to give out and all […]

Sawyer turns 2!

Life has been busy with a 3 year old, NOW TWO YEAR old and 6 month old! But it’s never too busy to celebrate life. Our second born, Sawyer, turned two years old this month, which is unbelievable to me. It really, truly feels like I just caught her in the water yesterday. (HAHAHA. That […]

Bear’s First Birthday!

Bear’s momma is one of my bestest friends! We met as new moms at MOPS and have been journeying through motherhood, wifehood and life together ever since. Our family loves little Bear and his whole family, they are huge blessings to us. We had so much fun celebrating this little guy’s first birthday. Momma & […]

Sawyer’s Turns One

  {KatieWeberPhotography} We recently celebrated our sweet Sawyer’s first birthday. Just cannot believe a year could fly by that quickly. She is my sweet second born baby, my “surprise” baby, my VBAC Homebirth– YOU CAN DO IT baby! Her birth was such an amazing, empowering and surreal experience for me. Her life has been such […]

Estela’s 50th!

My mom turned 50 last month and we sure did celebrate! There are hundreds more pictures but here are a few of my personal favorites. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so thankful you were born 50 years ago. Love you.            Birthday girl… does not look 50! Sawyer fell asleep in […]