For Freedom’s Sake (Part 2)

by Marie Tingle Director of Prevention at NightLight Atlanta NightLight International My name is Angela, and I am five years old. I love my older cousin.  He always brings me my favorite candy, Butterfingers.  Sometimes he takes me to the park to play games.  We play doctor, and we take our clothes off to […]

For Freedom’s Sake

by Marie Tingle, Director of Prevention at NightLight Atlanta NightLight International Slavery. A cruelty we confine to our history books. A thing of the past. Or is it? Currently over 27 million men, women and children are enslaved worldwide.1 This means that there are more slaves today than at any other time in our […]

hashtag MOM. {Guest Writer}

Recently, my favorite little duckling and I were on a neighborhood bike ride when we stopped to feed our duck friends at the pond.  While enjoying one of our favorite mommy and me moments, we had the opportunity to welcome a new family to the neighborhood.  As I conversed with this precious family from China, […]

The Cleanest House on the Block

In the craziness of life when I’m freaking out because someone is coming over and there are socks on the floor and dishes piled up, I have to STOP and really ask myself, Do I really care about being known for having the “cleanest house” on the block? I mean sure, that’s a great thing […]

9 Fall Family Activities

Activities the whole family will enjoy this fall! one || sing a silly holiday song Play this turkey song and sing it as a family. It’s such a funny song. Every year I share this with my students and they ALWAYS love it and share it with their families!! two || thankfulness turkey Put up […]