**No babies were harmed during this photo shoot! Thought it would be sweet getting some sister-sister-sister photos. They turned out to be not so picture perfect, but pretty funny. Galilee did not enjoy the grass much! Then Sawyer decided to hide Galilee! HAHA! She obviously did not know how to hold her little sis properly. […]

Not So Terrible Twos

My first born is two! And it started. People, even strangers commenting on the “terrible twos.” Something feels so wrong about calling a stage of life “terrible,” naming God’s gift, a curse. Sugar coating aside… Yes, toddlers are truly exhausting. Hysterical tears for no reason, fits of rage, deliberate disobedience, they don’t know how to […]

Dear Target Momma

Dear Target Momma, I saw you walking towards the Target entrance from across the parking lot. One arm cuddling a teenie newborn and the other clutching a toddler who was wrestling to get his hand free. I saw myself in this scene just 6 months ago– the shock and adjustment of having two babies. My […]

My Reflective Morning as a Mom

Samantha woke up, so the family woke up. We started the day like every other day, giving her milk, Dad rushing around gathering his stuff to leave for work, me looking at what dirty clothes on the floor I could get away with wearing again. Since having a baby, getting dressed has become a little […]