Chloe’s Nursery {Elephants}

Meet Chloe
Chloe is a 6 month old precious baby girl.
chole3I used elephants as our theme because my husband and I have had some up close and personal experiences with elephants from our overseas mission trips.  We got some great photos of them from South Africa, so we used those and also some paintings I had done of them.
chloe8 I also ordered some really beautiful prints of elephants from Society6.  I’m an artist and I wanted our sweet baby girl to grow up with an appreciation of beautiful art, even if she’s not an artist herself.
All of the furniture I found at garage sales!  Yippee!
chloe10I chose to put the map on the wall so that Chloe could grow up being aware of the whole world!  We use it as a prayer map… I let her point to a country and then we pray for it each day after or during diaper changes.  It helps me re-focus my heart and my thoughts on God’s Kingdom rather than my own, and it transports me out of my house when I am sometimes stuck in my house all day!
chloe6–   –   –   –   –   –   –
Chloe4Our nursery seconds as our guest room since we are in a 2 bedroom home… so we wanted to make it comfortable for both children and adults.
chlo5–   –   –   –   –   –

What I don’t have a picture of (because it’s not up yet) is my family bulletin board… but here’s my plan…  We’re going to have a bulletin board with pictures of our family and close friends (of course, our O-Momma friends and babies) because we live far from family.  This is going to help Chloe know her extended/far away family, and it’s also going to remind us to pray for them.  When she gets a little bit older, I’ll let her choose one person per night that we’ll pray for!  My sister did this and I’m so excited about it!

And there tis…
The Meyer mansion nursery!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Kelley M.

One thought on “Chloe’s Nursery {Elephants}

  1. What a sweet nursery! I love the elephants and it is cool that it is personal to you and your family. I also like that its not all pink and girlie. It is feminine but has a lot of neutrals. My favorite piece is the window with different patterns. Thanks for sharing!

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