Clothing Swap

Clothing Swaps are an awesome way to get new-to-you clothes, accessories and even home decor. I have been able to attend quite a few over the last couple of years and I always walk away with some super stylish new things.  It’s a great excuse for some girl time AND it’s the perfect opportunity to try out new styles that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself because it’s FREE!

It was super fun finally hosting one!

DSC_0374  DSC_0372  DSC_0373  DSC_0850 (1024x683)

How it Works

Everyone brings items they no longer wear, host usually sets a minimum (bring 5 items or more). As guests arrive, everyone sets their clothes out in assigned areas. After the sorting, let the shopping begin. Every host does it differently, some have guests draw numbers and go in order so that everyone gets a few good things. It’s a good idea to have a long mirror and a place for women to try things on. I asked everyone to bring a snack to share and we had plenty of food.

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A few great things I found

DSC_0721  DSC_0717

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