Hip Baby Names

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So after spending months {about 8 to be exact} of searching for the perfect baby name for our little one, we’ve finally chosen! Along the way, we’ve discovered some super cute and sweet baby names, so if you’re in search of one, here are some MY FAVORITES and a few of Peter’s too! Of course this is just OUR OPINION, and they are all actual names that we considered at some point. Although I categorized them under boy or girl, many could be for either.



















It’s such a relief to finally have our baby girl named!

Her name is Sawyer Tyndale

Sawyer because we like it.

Tyndale after William Tyndale: William Tyndale holds the distinction of being the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale was a theologian and scholar who translated the Bible into an early form of Modern English. He was the first person to take advantage of Gutenberg’s movable-type press for the purpose of printing the scriptures in the English language. Besides translating the Bible, Tyndale also held and published views which were considered heretical, first by the Catholic Church, and later by the Church of England which was established by Henry VIII. His Bible translation also included notes and commentary promoting these views. Tyndale’s translation was banned by the authorities, and Tyndale himself was burned at the stake in 1536, at the instigation of agents of Henry VIII and the Anglican Church.


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6 thoughts on “Hip Baby Names

  1. Ahhhh! Congrats on finally choosing a name! I love it-so cute and precious for a little girl! We have a cousin who named her little boy Sawyer but I really do love it for a girl!!! Btw did you hear what our little lady’s name will be?! 😉

  2. Cute idea to use Tyndale as a girl’s middle name. We named our son Tyndale for his first name in January, 2013! Same reason… We watched a documentary on the life of William Tyndale and it moved us to use it as a first name for our son. His name is Tyndale James! 🙂

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