Dear Target Momma


Dear Target Momma,

I saw you walking towards the Target entrance from across the parking lot. One arm cuddling a teenie newborn and the other clutching a toddler who was wrestling to get his hand free.

I saw myself in this scene just 6 months ago– the shock and adjustment of having two babies. My steady walk turned into a jog and I pushed my babies in your direction. The Target doors swung open and your toddler succeeded in breaking free. You chased him while clinging to your sleeping daughter and you asked him if it was time to go home.

Since mine were strapped down and content at the moment, I was able to help wrangle your toddler and get him into a cart for you. As I strapped him down, we laughed and chatted about this new journey of being out numbered. You expressed feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Then looking over at my smiling, well-dressed babes in their tidy double stroller. You said something like, “looks like you’ve got it down.” I laughed and assured you that things would get so much easier with each passing day.

We ended our conversation with tired smiles, you seemed to be in a rush. Maybe you were stressed about how your first outing might go or hurrying to get home for nap time. I felt uneasy as you walked away because there was so much more I felt led to say to you. But once again enslaved to my appearances, I was crippled by fear. Fearful of appearing weird, too forward or creepy, I let you walk away.

I wish I could have bought you coffee, invited you to MOPS or prayed with you right then. I wanted to comfort you, relate to you, tell you it was going to be okay. I wanted to take your hand and say I know it’s insane right now but this is going to be worth it.

I wish I had told you that even though we look “put-together” right now, my days are filled with chaos. The diapers are endless, the laundry mountainous and time is scarce. There is ALWAYS something to do or someone to hold, most days I live for nap-time.

I wish I had told you that moments before I saw you, my “well-behaved” toddler was throwing a tantrum and that my 6 month old still has a hard sleeping through the night. I wish I would have told you that yesterday we stayed home in our PJs, ALL DAY because I felt too overwhelmed at the thought of dressing up, loading up and pack up THREE people!

I forgot to tell you that,

You are brave.

Four weeks postpartum and already going on an outing adventure. You go girl!

Mothering is stressful, exhausting and down right overwhelming, add another child to the mix and these things seem to double! People tell you it’s going to be hard, people tell you that you’re going to have your hands full, but nothing and I mean NOTHING can prepare you for this kind of exhaustion.

I wish I would have reminded you that,

You are a blessed woman.

Sometimes in the midst of discipline and late night feedings we forget. We forget how blessed we are. Children are an amazing gift from the Lord. We must remind each other, along with the indescribable exhaustion, there is indescribable joy and love.

Most of all I wish I would have told you that,

Jesus is the answer.

This might have sounded foreign or even funny to you, but it’s true.

In just 2 short years of motherhood, Jesus has always and will always be the correct and ONLY true answer to all my mommy problems. Forget the pinterst tips, self-help books or physiologist mumbo-jumbo.

Turn to Jesus Momma, because He alone is the remedy to all of our mothering problems. Coffee might help you stay awake, self-help books might give you practical tips for your discipline or scheduling, but Jesus.

Jesus is the healer, redeemer and life-giver. He will reach down to the deepest parts of you, making all of you beautiful.

Find you’re fulfillment and joy in Him and He will not just fill you but He will leave you overflowing with the strength, energy and love you need!

Motherhood breaks us daily, revealing our need for Jesus. Let’s seek Him to renew us daily.

uusChildren are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

15 thoughts on “Dear Target Momma

  1. I’ve got 4, all back to back, & I always get asked how I handle it. I tell them its like juggling, its easier to add one at a time than to start out w 4! You pray, you learn, you adapt! Coffee & Jesus!

  2. I LOVE this! Target is my favorite, but with 2 kids it can feel like a nightmare! Motherhood can be overwhelming at moments but you are so right, with the help of Jesus we can find calm in the chaos and embrace these crazy days! I hear from so many women who have been through the trenches that they would take the tantrums back in a second just to have their kids be little again! Thank you for sharing such beautiful words!

  3. This is such a sweet letter! I only have one, but I’m sure managing two little ones would be hard. I have friends with three and four little ones and it definitely does looks like a lot to do!

  4. I am not a christian mom, but I am a mom of faith and yes FAITH whatever it may be gets you through many days of parenting. We have much in common but from different perspectives.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a little cutie! I think everyday is a blessing and I like to take a moment at the end of the day to thank God for all I have. What a great post!

  6. This post is amazing! I know I that I probably will not ever be a mom to multiples, but I have had the exasperating moments a time or two with Sydney. I love that you helped her and talked to her while you could!
    Now I want a chai latte and target! Lol

  7. I appreciate this post Molly! I love your thoughts on being a mom of two! And moms have got to stick together.. thanks for encouraging. You could have judged or ignored, but you lifted her up and I’m sure that gave her a little boost of energy! You are a precious person and I’m glad I get to call you friend!

  8. Oh my, yes Jesus is the author of parenting. I have two grown sons and he answered so many of my prayers. Of course I had to deal with the twos, the threes, and then the horrible eleven and twelve year olds. Then they become adults, and you can only say “wow, these are great boys, thank you for helping me raise them”. Of course, I have a wonderful Christian husband to help me. Earplugs help as well, (my family are musicians). What a great post. May the Lord continue to bless you. Joi

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