Diaper Costs for Baby’s First Year


How many Diapers will you use? How many of each size will you need?

For these estimates, I’m using the average cost of diapers per size.

Newborn Diapers. Newborns go through about 8-12 diapers a day, but we’ll use 10 diapers a day for the math. They also grow pretty fast so let’s say your baby is in the newborn size for a month.

30 days x 10 Diapers a Day = 300 diapers X $0.22 per diaper = $66


Size 1 for two months. {Months 1-2}

60 days x 10 Diapers a Day = 600 diapers x $0.17 per diaper = $102


Size 2 for three months. {Months 3-5} The amount of diapers usually go down around this time as they start sleeping longer at night.

90 days x 8 Diapers a Day = 720 diapers x $0.19 per diaper = $114


Size 3 for four months. {Months 6-9} The amount of diapers goes down again because most babies sleep through the night by this time.

120 days x 6 diapers a day = 720 diapers x $0.21 per diaper = $152


Size 4 for two months. {Months 10-11} They’ll probably be in size 4 longer but we’re just looking at the cost of the first year.

60 days x 6 diapers a day = 360 diapers x $0.23 per diaper = $83


Average Number of Diapers used the First Year: 2,700

Average cost for first year: $520

Plus wipes about: $200

Of course this is just an estimate using an average diaper cost but depending on the brand of diapers you buy and how often you change baby’s diaper, the price could be as low as $450 if you use coupons and purchase the cheapest diapers or as High as $700 if you use the more expensive diapers.

photo-1I went over the calculations a couple of times so hopefully there are no errors in my math. =)

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  1. Thanks for posting! We like using name brand diapers because they don’t need changed as often when just wet. And AJ doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to be changed. Hallelujah! I have thought about using cloth diapers too, but I don’t know if I value the money savings or convenience more…

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