Did you know that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS??



When I think of slavery, I think of something that happened a long LONG time ago. Something that’s in the past, something that’s just history.

I really had NO IDEA this kind of stuff was actually still around.12 year old girls being sold to men as virgins to be raped. One young girl was raped 190 something times in just 22 days before she was rescued. I cannot even imagine the pain, agony, hate and emptiness she must ave felt. Read The Whole Story

When I learned that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS TODAY at Passion, I was shocked! As I sat there hearing the facts and the stories, something in me began to turn. The spirit in me began to scream, EMERGENCY! This is an EMERGENCY, we can’t just sit here!!!

I remember feeling desperate and eager to return home. I wanted to get home to inform all our friends, family and anyone else who would listen about this wretched crime that was happening RIGHT here in our own country, in the “LAND OF THE FREE”

And I was actually a bit surprised by people’s lack of response. Many would listen quietly and eventually say something like, “Wow! That’s crazy, so what are you doing this weekend?” Most though would flinch and stop me from sharing too much because it was too sad or hard for them to hear.

I’m really not sure which response is worse, the “I don’t really care because it’s not happening to me” response. Or the, “I want to close my eyes to the injustices in the world and just live my happy little life because it’s not happening to me,” response.


Right now as I type this I KNOW that there are women and CHILDREN being raped and abused. People just like us are living enslaved, forced to work against their will and treated like property. Just because we cannot see it happening doesn’t mean it’s not, nor does it give us a right to ignore the FACTS.

slav22Hidden Child Brothels

The Holocaust was something I learned in my eighth grade English class. I will NEVER EVER forget the images I saw or the rage I felt and still feel, about this TERRIBLE time in history. As eighth graders we talked about what we would have done if we were alive during that time. We shared how we would fight for justice and do WHATEVER WE HAD TO!

Decades later we have another HUGE INJUSTICE happening in the world. Years from now our grandchildren will be learning about the millions of slaves and they’ll ask us what we did to stop this. What will we tell them??

There are so many nights that I lay in bed unable to sleep as the thoughts of children who have NO ONE there to protect them from this evil fill my mind. I have spent many many late nights praying and begging Jesus for justice, rescue and healing for all of the captives.

I really cannot just sit by and not try to do something. Wake up people, there are others who are COUNTING ON US to speak up!

This injustice is happening during our lifetime, I think that makes it OUR PROBLEM.

I hope, pray and truly believe WE CAN end slavery once and for all.

Micah 6:8

He has told you, O man, what is good;

   and what does the Lord require of you

but to do justice, and to love kindness,

   and to walk humbly with your God?

Join the End It Movement.


9 thoughts on “Did you know that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS??

  1. Amen! I recently blogged on this as my family all had bright red Xs on our hands.

    Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman’s Word Filled Wednesday! God bless.

  2. Unfortunately slavery still exists all around the world, it’s disgusting. I actually can’t believe what other human beings do to each other. If everyone spoke out hopefully the world would listen. Wear your red X with pride.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Sex slavery of women and children is horrifying and it’s our job to at least try and do something to stop it.

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