Emmy’s Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter First Birthday Party

For Emmy’s 1st birthday I knew I wanted to do a Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter themed party.

I found some cute plates, napkins and cupcake decorations and purchased those from amazon. Historically, Peter Rabbit I think has been a boy’s theme, but I didn’t really care and have vowed minimize my stereotyping for little girls and little boys so I thought we would be able to make it neutral.

I started making things early because I made quite a few things (thanks Pinterest). I knew I wanted to have a photo booth type area where families could have their photo taken because I know sometimes it’s difficult to get photos of your whole family together. So I started making pinwheels out of scrapbook paper and hung them on the wall. I also had a few tissue paper pom poms that hung on that wall as well.


I also made a banner to clip clothespins on to hold a photo of Emmy for each month of her life. I used paper doilies and stencils to paint the number for each month. I strung some decorative cord (found at Hobby Lobby) between two nails in the wall and pinned the doilies and photos.


A friend helped me make the Happy Birthday Emmy banner that we printed on purple card stock and I strung it up using the same cord as the photo banner.



I had a canvas that I spray painted with the chalkboard paint that I put all of Emmy’s one year “stats” on. Height, weight, favorite foods, etc.


I also made a little birthday hat out of scrapbook paper and decorative elements (which Emmy wore for all of 60 seconds). I found a local businesswoman (Banana Bread Baby) who made a little pillowcase dress using some Peter Rabbit fabric. It went perfectly with my theme.

I made chicken salad and purchased croissants from publix, cheddar bunny crackers, veggie cups with hummus and ranch dressing (in addition to a veggie tray), deviled eggs and gluten free carrot cake cupcakes.
I made a little mini smash cake for Emmy that was gluten and egg free due to egg sensitivity (that we had not fully explored yet, so we wanted to be safe).
Emmy loved all the people who came…especially the “little” people. She didn’t care so much for opening her gifts, but she seemed to like her cake. She smashed it up between her fingers and ate a little bit.
For our favors, we mixed peanuts, candy corn and raisins and put them in cute little paper bags that had “thank you” written on them.

2 thoughts on “Emmy’s Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter First Birthday Party

  1. What a great job Jewitt! The decorations are precious and extra special because you made them! I love the banner with a picture of her from each month. I really like the theme you chose. It’s classic, but not over done. Such a special and sweet first birthday!!

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