Estela’s 50th!

My mom turned 50 last month and we sure did celebrate! There are hundreds more pictures but here are a few of my personal favorites. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so thankful you were born 50 years ago. Love you.IMG_0097  IMG_0099  IMG_0104    IMG_0122  IMG_0123  IMG_0149 Birthday girl… does not look 50!

IMG_0173 Sawyer fell asleep in the middle of the picture.

IMG_0189  IMG_0178  IMG_0200

Photo booth fun begins! IMG_0506




IMG_0243  IMG_0224  IMG_0230  IMG_0237  IMG_0245  IMG_0549  IMG_0646  IMG_0661  IMG_0304 Surprise Flash MOB! 

We hired a flash-mob to surprise mom and some of my mom’s family and friends had secretly learned the dance to surprise her! Turned out to be a lot of fun even though my mom got a little worried that random teenagers were crashing the party!! haha.

IMG_0316  IMG_0334  IMG_0510  IMG_0533  IMG_0581 Too funny!

IMG_0600  IMG_0619 Not sure why the girls look so scared! haha.


IMG_0966  IMG_0988  IMG_0994  IMG_0341  IMG_1042  IMG_1049  IMG_1051  IMG_1069  IMG_1124  IMG_1147  IMG_1161

And lastly, probably my favorite picture…the photo booth fail!


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