Harper Turned 2

I can’t believe our precious first born is two. I can’t believe we’ve been parents for two whole years. What a wonderful two years it has been.

baby 9 Months Pregnant

baby11Two Weeks Old

HarperbdayFirst Birthday

DSC_1077Our big girl today!

For our sweet girl’s second birthday we wanted to have a low-stress, low-cost celebration. My goal was to spend as little as possible and to not be stressed. I began scanning the clearance aisles months before her party. I bought pretty much EVERYTHING we used off the clearance aisle. Even found a few unopened pink streamers at Goodwill for PENNIES! I had to really fight the urge to go crazy and spend tons of money on pointless but adorable decorations! I constantly reminded myself that, the most important part of celebrating her life is who we would be celebrating with, not all the “stuff” around us.

For food, my awesomely generous parents ordered a few platters from the Publix Deli. They have wonderful party platters.

DSC_0989I labeled food with scrapbook paper on a toothpick stabbed in lemon slices. There a TONS of free printable labels on Pinterest too.

DSC_0992  DSC_0991We printed some sweet “You Are My Sunshine” circles for the desserts.

For dessert I wanted healthy choices, we highly recommend black bean brownies. They are one of our most favorite desserts!


DSC_0994I found some cute free printables and put them in these white IKEA frames that I use for most parties!

DSC_0990  My sweet sister-in-law painted these letter’s for a baby shower when I was pregnant with Harper and I’ve decided to use them for each birthday. They bring back memories and they’re so cute!

121  We were so excited that most of her little friends were able to make it!

DSC_0941  DSC_0938  DSC_0935  DSC_0927One of Harper’s pretty Aunts!

DSC_0928  I cut out the number 2 out of a card board box, spray painted it along with some recycled cans. Used cans for utensils and napkins (since they always fly away outside).

DSC_0967    DSC_0929  DSC_0943    Other than the playground for “entertainment” we had sidewalk chalk and filled up a bucket with water balloons.

DSC_0950  DSC_0970 Since it was a toddler party, I wanted to cater to toddlers. I wanted Harper and her friends to be able to eat as many “cupcakes” as they wanted! ha ha.

Harper’s “cupcakes” were really banana muffins with cream cheese & applesauce frosting.

DSC_0977  DSC_0924  DSC_0982  DSC_0985  photo 1  DSC_0988Simple favors– Found paper ice cream bowls (packs of 8) and pink grass at the Dollar Tree. I was going to make edible play dough for each kiddos but then I saw a pack of 6 in the Target dollar section. Since it was close to Easter, we filled little eggs. Yellow eggs had candy and the others had raisins, so parents could decide which they wanted. Added sixlets and WA-LA: Party Favors for less than $0.50 each!

Thanks to all the friends and family who made it to celebrate the life of our first born! Wish we would have taken more photos of our guests. Peter and I are so blessed to live in community with so many encouraging, giving and loving friends & family.

12 thoughts on “Harper Turned 2

  1. Wow! You are so blessed! You have a beautiful baby. I love your pictures! So crafty and creative! 🙂 I can only hope that when I’m a mom someday I’ll have time to make everything look that cute!!

  2. cute cute cute! Those sandwiches looks delish, is that a croissant its in?
    great turnout for a kids party, she’s super lucky to have so many people who care 🙂

  3. What a GREAT party! I am sure that Harper more than enjoyed her 2nd b-day party! She wont remember what decorations where there or how much you spent…she will remember how much she had fun and how much her parents loved her! You were very creative, I love the tooth pick in a lemon slice idea! It is always great to have healthy choices, a good mix is always best! I love the pictures too, bunch of lil cuties running around! Thank you so much for sharing!

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