Helwig Gender Reveal


Written by Brittany Helwig

So in my family I’m known as the creative one… who can’t just keep it simple. So when it comes to sharing news, like pregnancy or baby’s gender, I have some expectations to live up to. If it was up to my husband, Viv, he would just tell them, “Oh by the way we are pregnant.” Actually, for Baby 2 he did share the news that way with my family. So that meant I had to turn up the excitement for the gender reveal…

Who did we want to tell and when? Everyone or just our families? Would we be surprised or would we find out at the appointment?

Where to begin?… Duh, PINTEREST! Let’s do this! Hmmmm cupcakes, flowers, scavenger hunt?

The options seemed endless, and a little overwhelming, but also I knew I could find something perfect and memorable.

When would this happen? With Viv’s Mom two hours away, and his brother’s family in Atlanta, and my family in Central Florida… it seemed impossible to do one event. But alas, the Salamon’s were coming through before and after a Spring Break cruise and Viv’s family were popping in to say hello before Steve started his new job. AND, it just so happened to be over EASTER weekend.

Calm down Brittany, I know this is turning out to be amazing, but just try to keep it together. BREATHE. I was as excited as Elf when Santa was coming to Gimbles. You know what I’m talking about.

At this point my appointment was scheduled for the week after Easter. I immediately called for it to be moved up. I was ready to beg, but it didn’t come to that.


So, back to planning. Back to Pinterest. Search: gender, reveal, Easter, amazing, epic… too much?

When deciding what to do for Baby 2, I thought back to what I did for Amelia’s reveal. I made a stop-motion video and revealed it through a message on a banner in the background. As much I loved the video and as cute as it was.. my family knew when our appointment was and they were not too excited about waiting for the video to be made and then another 5 minutes to see what the result was. (Mental note: don’t tell the family when the appointment is.) If it was up to my sister, I would just text her b for boy and g for girl, lol.

We made Easter plans with the families and I was very excited to be able to celebrate the most important holiday to me with my family. I wanted to keep dinner about Easter, but decided to share our news with a special dessert. I knew I had to keep the whole thing a surprise and act like the appointment was weeks away. (Yeah, sorry for the lies..)

I made a secret Pinterest board and picked my 10ish favorite ideas for a dessert reveal and let Viv pick his favorite. He picked a cake where colored candies come out of the center. Love it. DONE.


I mean that’s cute, but like I said earlier, I’m turning this one up to 11. I have to do something Easter related and do something to keep these people guessing! Scratch off? Puzzle?

Finally, I got it: Easter Egg hunt with half pink, half blue eggs. Inside the eggs are puzzle pieces that when assembled say, “Cut the cake to find out if Baby is a boy or girl…” Then of course, someone cuts the jellybean filled coconut cake.

brritt (2)

Waiting was the hardest part. I was sooooooo excited! Excited to find out about Sweet Baby and excited to share with the family!! !! !!

Then we had the appointment. Nope, you won’t find out from me now. You have to wait.

We were so blessed to hear that we have a healthy baby. Thank you God!

Easter weekend was finally here! Well, as it goes when you have a lot of expectations for something, it doesn’t necessarily always go as planned…

Or does it…

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