If you were never born

If you were never born, I wouldn’t be alive.

DSC_0683 I would have never had the opportunity to know the love of Christ.

I would have never married the most loving, kindest man.

usHarper and Sawyer would cease to exist.

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The world would be so different in so many ways.


There would be less dance parties, late night talks, laughter, campfires, parties in general, less people served and these people wouldn’t be here…



I love you mom and I am so thankful that you were born on this day just “29” years ago! You are a special part of God’s plan. I am so thankful that God created you and planned for you to have 4 children and that I got to be one of them!! You are a blessing to so many and I hope you feel blessed today!

Happy Happy Birthday Mom!!!


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