Is Baby Young #2 a Boy or Girl???

Will our next baby be a

little HE



a little SHE?


We find out the sex of our baby next week and we are so excited!

According to Wives Tales:

Morning Sickness? YES

Cravings? Sweet or Salty

Chinese Calendar: Girl

Feeling Moody or Happy

Sleeping on: Right or Left

Headaches: No or Yes

Baby’s Heart Rate: High  or Low

Clumsy or graceful (DUH!)


But what do you think it is?? Make your guess and find out if you were correct next week!!

Most of our family and friends do not live in our city, therefore we need some fun ideas for sharing the news long distance!! We would love to hear any ideas you might have seen done or have done yourself!

Best Belly Picture I could find! Peter wasn’t home to take one for me! ha ha.



Have a wonderful day!


17 thoughts on “Is Baby Young #2 a Boy or Girl???

  1. Awwww Molly congratulations! Hope all is well with you, I’ve actually been helping a friend plan her baby shower for the past month or so and I have some really cute baby reveal ideas if you want me to email them to you! Give my love to the family 🙂

  2. I have a feeling that Harper will have a baby sister and that Peter will be all for himself in a house full of girls! 😉 oh and I saw a picture idea of the mom blowing either a pink or blue bubble of gum to reveal if it’s a boy or girl! Cute idea! Can’t wait to find out!!!

    • ha ha ha ha!! Yes, that would be awesome Brandy! Then we could recycle all of Harper’s clothes too! We’ll see next week!!! I cannot wait! Make sure you check your mailbox everyday! Wink wink!

  3. Between the Chinese gender chart and the heart rate- I’d say Harper is going to have a little…. sister!!!! Either way I can’t wait to me this little sweetie!

    Viv and I made a stop motion video for our friends and family:

    But another simple idea is to take a picture that reveals what you are having. Let Harper announce it by what she is wearing or by holding a sign- and then take a pic!

    Can’t wait hear the news! Love you guys!!!

  4. I’m going to say girl!

    (I watched Enchanted this morning and was thinking about senior year watching it with you and Peter! Miss you guys!!)

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