Last Minute Valentine’s Gift and Date Ideas

Last Minute Gifts


 Romantic Banana

If you pack lunch or snacks for your spouse, scribble something sweet on a banana and hide it in their lunch box. Or just hand it to them for breakfast.


Hot Candy

I love this idea! So cute!



Surprise your spouse with a HEARTY breakfast!




Husband/ Wife Shirt

I know this is titled “Last Minute Gifts” but I just LOVE these and had to include them! If the shirt doesn’t arrive on time, print a picture of the shirt for them to open.

My husband/ wife rocks

Bad Day Jar

Fill a jar with love notes, Bible verses, encouraging words, and even fun memories. Label it Bad Day Jar and tell your man/ woman that they are to pull a note out every time they have a bad day. I loved doing this for Peter and when he had a stressful day, I would remind him to pull from the jar!

Romantic Worms

perfect catch


Find a dictionary and scan the pages for words that describe the person you love. Highlight those words and write little explanations next to them. I did this for Peter one year and it was a blast!

 52 Reasons I love you




Valentines Date Ideas

Romantic scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt leaving romantic clues for your special someone. Let the clues lead him/her to places that are special in your relationship. The place you met, where you had your first date, first kiss… Or just have a scavenger hunt in the house with clues leading him/her around the house. The scavenger hunt should end with YOU!


Strip Poker

OOH La La! For all the married couples this would be great fun and a night filled with laughter! Wear lots of layers and make things last longer! Choose your undergarments carefully.

Hotel Surprise

Leave a key for a hotel room with a sexy note attached for your spouse to find. The note should tell when and where to arrive. Head to the hotel in time to decorate and make things romantic!

Fun in the Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with rose petals, candles and anything else romantic and enjoy some romantic time together.


Exploring Your Senses


Slow dance in the living room

Make a play list of your favorite songs, fast and slow and enjoy a night dancing in the living room together! Peter and I have enjoyed this a few times, it’s always a sweet time. Or you could even dance in the street/ driveway with the car stereo playing… So romantic!

dancing in street

“Why I Love You”List

Write a very specific “Why I Love You” list and share them with each other over dessert or wine.


Home Video

Make a home video for your kids/ future kids. Peter and I have loved doing this throughout our relationship. They’re hilarious to look back at and we cannot wait to show our kids one day!


Many Pictures on this page were taken by Katie Weber Photography.


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