How to Make Baby Food

Making your own baby food is easy and cheap.


Reasons to make your own baby food:

  • You know exactly what your baby is eating, no added sugars, salts, “natural flavors” or anything else to worry about
  • Cost efficient
  • Baby gets used to eating what the family is eating
  • You can experiment food combinations & recipes
  • It’s fun!

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Purchase Produce

Giving your baby organic foods is best. Their little bodies are growing so much, you do not want pesticides and artificially grown produce in them.

Why is organic the best choice.

The best place to get low-cost organic produce is at your local farmer’s market! Find One HERE. Also, most companies will send you coupons if you email them.

Step 2: Wash and peel any skin off.

For Bananas and Avocados- All you have to do is peel then mash, and walla= Baby food!

Step 3: Steam, boil or bake until tender.

I like to steam or boil everything because baking takes so long. The longer produce cooks the less nutrients it contains, so keep a close eye while cooking.

Step 4: Puree in a blender or food processor.

The first few months of feeding baby solids, you’ll want to make sure baby’s food is smooth and not chunky. Baby does not know how to chew yet and probably doesn’t have many teeth. As baby grows and more teeth come in, you can make thicker, chunkier food. Just play it safe.

Step 5: Serve

Find the correct serving size for the age of your baby. Check out my Starting Solids Post.

Step 6: Store the extras

There are many storage choices these days, which is GREAT and confusing. If you make baby food in bulk, it’s best to freeze extra immediately so it stays fresh.

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