Marriage Monday #1: Husband Planned Date Ideas

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Check out the sweet dates their husbands planned for them!

EVERY woman wants a man who will sweep her off her feet and treat her like a princess. Planning dates for your wife is one wonderful way of doing this. Marriage should be a lot like dating. Keep taking her out to show her off. If you’re on a budget plan picnics or just light candles at the dinner table. Women deeply desire to feel loved, valued and romanced by their man. It doesn’t take Romeo to make a reservations at her favorite restaurant, leave her an “I love you” sticky note or run a hot bath for her before she gets home. Find a new way to romance your lady weekly to show her how much you care and watch her melt in your arms each time! A small and simple gesture goes a long way and can mean the world.



Andrew and I have enjoyed the beautiful drive up to Fernandina Beach with the windows down, to enjoy the ocean breeze. We love making a stop to explore the Driftwood Park on the beach. We have a blast together exploring the fort and the nature trails as well. We always have a competition to see who can find the most shark teeth. After the beach fun, we head to the town square for a little window shopping. One of the best parts of our date is getting dessert before dinner.

Michelle Hurley



Early on in dating my endearing husband, Joe, I discovered that he loved timing the moon-rise. It was very thoughtful of him. While I loved watching the sunrise, the rising of the moon was not something I had ever purposely watched. The first time he embraced this God-given sight with me, he took us to a quiet spot with a perfect view of a huge, bright, full moon rising over the horizon. My husband is not the “over the top” type, but he has always been very thoughtful in our relationship. He knew that I love the outdoors, and he timed the moon-rise on many occasions for us, including the night he proposed.

Lisa Venancio



On our 3 year anniversary, while I was working Jeremy randomly showed up. He claimed that he wanted to help me clean up close so I could get out of there early. As we were getting in the care he explained that he would need to blindfold me. After being blind folded, we drove for a few minutes. When we came to a stop, he lead me out of the car and inside where it was warm and quiet. When he removed the blindfold, I was amazed at the beautiful room we were in! There was a huge 4 poster bed with a Jacuzzi tub in the corner of the room. Candles were scattered throughout the room. On the bed laid a tray of delicious wine and cheeses. One of the most impressive things to me, was the fact that he had packed my bag with a variety of outfits for me to choose from and all of my beauty products! Later that night we had dinner reservations at one of  our favorite restaurants downtown! He pulled off a beautiful anniversary surprise  and it was wonderful staying overnight in a romantic bed and breakfast on the bay front in St. Augustine!

Brandy Campbell


One time my husband wore only cowboy boots and sang an old George strait song to me. It was very romantic. That was the best date he has ever planned.

Anonymous, St. Augustine Wife and Mother


Our date started with Ryland asking me to dress up. He drove me to the Town Center and let me buy a dress. After some shopping he arranged for us to browse an art gallery in downtown, Jacksonville. After gazing at beautiful masterpieces together Ryland surprised me with a fancy dinner. This was my idea of the perfect date because he took me to do something I love, shopping! Then, we not only had fun discussing art and learning about it together but we also played in the kid section drawing with big crayons. haha. Lastly we ended the night feeling really fancy at an expensive dinner. He treated me like a princess.

Katie Weber


Dean planned a Mother’s Day date that was awesome. At the time, we had a 6 week old , so naturally, I was tired and bleary. To get the fun started, he arranged for me to first have a pedicure, facial, and a massage at a local spa. It took up most of the day so he watched our boys. He brought the youngest, Kael, into the spa when it was time to nurse! After the wonderful spa experience, he hired a babysitter so we could spend time together. We grabbed some take out and enjoyed a peaceful dinner on a blanket at the beach. It was such a great way to show me he cared during a crazy time of our life!

Amy Plumlee


One night Alex surprised me with a walk on the beach. Not just any ol’ walk on the beach, he brought two wonderful things, wine and chocolate! We enjoyed our treats while star gazing on the shore. He had also download an awesome star app that made star gazing even more fun. It was such a great way to spend the evening.

Jennifer Wenzel


We took the top and the doors off of our Jeep to enjoy the nice weather on our drive. We enjoy time at the beach searching for sea glass together. Later we went to Sunset Grille for a nice lunch. Lastly, we drove down to Matanzas inlet and back. We didn’t have a ton of time but it was a nice little afternoon break.

Melissa Lichtenberger

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