Marriage Monday: Serving Your Spouse

“Jesus served his followers by washing their feet. In his culture that was the job of a servant. I asked my wife and she had no desire for me to wash her feet, but she had a lot of other good ideas, such as: take out the garbage, vacuum the floors, wash the dishes, dust the blinds, and keep the lawn looking nice. I followed Jesus’ example, and I live with a happy woman.”

—Gary D. Chapman, marriage and family expert,
married to Karolyn for 43 years

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Sometimes in the business of life we forget to fill up our spouse’s “love tank.” It’s the end of another week when we realize we didn’t intentionally serve each other in any way. It can also be hard to mind-read and figure out how your spouse would like to be served. This is a great exercise for both spouses to share ways that they desire to be served. It’s such a fun challenge for all couples. This is one that many of our friends have really enjoyed doing.

Materials: Pens, Index Cards, 2 Jars (or cans)
Directions: On each index card each write down something you’d love for your spouse to do for you.


buy me flowers

take me to see a movie

make dinner

watch a football game with me

tuck the kids in

do the dishes

buy new lingerie

Make sure they’re realistic.
When you both have written the same amount (15-20 cards), each of you put your cards in a jar and exchange jars. Once a week draw from your spouse’s jar and do whatever is written on the card. Complete the task in a week without telling them and see if they notice!

When the jar is empty start again!

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