Marriage Monday #2: You’re going to SKOR tonight!

Whether you’ve been married for years or just a few weeks, keeping your marriage exciting and fun can be a challenge in this crazy life.

Everything else seems to be fighting for your attention– work, household chores, children, holidays, church events, the list goes on and on. Keep fighting for your marriage daily and give your spouse the LOVE, RESPECT, and ATTENTION they deserve. This week’s Marriage Monday challenge is a flirtatious one! I was a little hesitant to share the idea at first but it’s just so much fun and what couple doesn’t like a little flirting with a side of good ol’ anticipation?

Purchase materials and try to complete the challenge for your spouse some time this week. Any spouse would feel loved, valued and blessed through such an expression, so have fun with it

Materials you’ll need: Sticky Note, Skor Bar, Writing Tool

Step 1: On the sticky note write, “You’re going to Skor tonight!” You may add more to the message but don’t leave out this VERY IMPORTANT SENTENCE!!

Step 2: Attach note to Skor Bar & leave in a place where your spouse will find it in the morning (that way they’ll spend all day looking forward to the evening). Wink wink. Places to leave it: inside their car, night stand, next to their tooth brush, refrigerator, inside their favorite box of cereal, GET CREATIVE!

DSC_0236 (2)

Step 3: Make plans for a romantic evening and enjoy your time together!

If you’re spouse has been getting home late from work recently, you probably don’t have to worry about that tonight! Have a fun adventure sneaking around the house searching for a place to leave this sweet message.

This simple, playful gesture will definitely be something they are sure to remember, cherish and probably brag to their friends about.

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