Miller Family’s Adoption Story


I don’t really remember what life was like without children nor could I imagine life without my children. When our first child was born, Salah, she gave my husband and I a whole new understanding of God’s love for us. God gave His one and only son, Jesus, as a living sacrifice to save us from our sins and restore our relationship with Him for eternity. I did not even want people holding my child, Salah.

A couple of years after Salah was born, God blessed us with a son, Silas. My pregnancies were far from easy but Salah and Silas were and are so worth it. I cannot begin to describe the amount of love I have for my children.

Although we were blessed with the opportunity to bring children into this world, I have always had the desire to adopt. God has instilled a love in me for children that I know can only come from Him. My pregnancies were tough, but I soon found out after looking into adopting that adoption is also tough. There were so many options and laws, I really did not know where to start. My husband and I thought we would adopt older siblings either from the States or another country, but God had other plans.

My mom works at an adoption-friendly hospital and the door suddenly opened for us to adopt a newborn. While helping and supporting her, we developed a relationship with the birth-mom from the beginning of her pregnancy. It was a crazy roller coaster ride. At the very end of her pregnancy the adoption fell through and my heart was crushed. I felt like we had lost one of our children. We had named the child and even prepared our kids for his arrival. We later found out that the birth mom had committed adoption fraud and the child was given to another family.

We learned that God is so much bigger than adoption fraud. He took what Satan intended for bad and turned it into good, by blessing us with a daughter just a few months later. She was such a wonderful surprise and addition to our family. Even though I did not physically give birth to Acacia, the moment I held her in my arms I knew I was her mom. There was no question in my mind, she was a part of our family.



Having children of our own gave us an understanding of God’s love for us, but adopting children gave us an even better understanding of God’s love for us. God adopted us just as we were, into His family for those that believe in His son Jesus. Acacia was adopted into our family just as she was. We did not care what color she was or her background, we just wanted to love her and make her a part of our family.

Not even a year later God blessed us with an opportunity to expand our family through the gift of adoption again! When Acacia was born I was not there for her birth but we took her home when she was a day old. When our son Kingsley was born, I was able to be present for his birth. I even cut the umbilical cord. It was quite an amazing experience. We still keep in touch with Kingsley’s birth-mom, but we have no contact with Acacia’s birth-mom. Just like every pregnancy is different, every adoption is different too! I am beyond thankful for my family and I pray that I will be all the mom that God created me to be to all four of my children.

If anyone reading this has thought about or considered adopting, first pray and then GO FOR IT! It is not easy, but all things are possible with God. There are too many children out there without a loving family to call their own. There is no time better than now than to make a precious child in need of a family a part of yours. May God bless you and your life’s adventures.



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6 thoughts on “Miller Family’s Adoption Story

  1. What a gorgeous family! My husband and I have often thought about fostering, but we just don’t have enough room in our house right now. 🙁 What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing Miller family!

  2. What a beautiful story. I’ve told my husband that if we plan to expand our family, that I would love to adopt. It’s stories like yours that give me the desire to do so.

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