Motherhood is the GREATEST Gift {Hear from real moms}

Motherhood is such a wonderful blessing from the Creator Himself.

Hear from real moms and their take on motherhood.

Colleen LaHatt

I love love love being a mom! I am new to motherhood, but it has always been a dream of mine to have kids (many!). It still amazes me that we made a baby, she grew inside of me, and now I can hold her in my arms! The thing I love most is when she falls asleep on my chest or in my arms. Sometimes I just stare at her little ears, fingers, and toes in awe and with gratitude. I love being a mom and even though she’s only been a part of our family for a month, I can’t imagine our lives without sweet Avie.



Meg Connor

Being a mom to Loring is such a blessing. I am amazed by her everyday and so thankful for every second I get to share with her. Being a mom is by far the hardest and most humbling thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a honor to be her mother!



Stephanie Michelle

Tessa will be one year old in a few months and I can honestly say this has been one of the happiest, most love-filled years of my life. Being a mother is a true blessing and I am very thankful I get to experience this gift. I love all the little moments we have shared; everything from her first smile (I’m talking about the one where she actually smiled at me, not from having gas), tiny coos and giggles, rolling over and crawling, late night nursing sessions, big open mouth slobbery kisses, long stroller walks, the way her eyes light up when our dog AJ walks in the room, watching her discover new things, and seeing her play with her Dada. The best part about being a mommy is the love and bond I feel with my sweet Tessa. She is my whole world, my everything. I love you Tessa!



Kayla Burke

My favorite thing about being Cora’s mom is how much joy she brings to Brian and I. She makes us smile and laugh non stop. She was quite a fuss pot for about the first 4 months. If she wasn’t nursing or sleeping, she was crying. Loudly. It really pained me and Brian that we didn’t have a happy baby. We thought that she was never going to grow out of it, but lo and behold, 5 months came along, and her little personality just blossomed. She hardly fusses anymore, and is the happy baby I had imagined she would be. When I go out without her (which isn’t very often), I miss her! Brian and I love mornings with her – it’s when she is super smiley. It’s seriously heart melting. We both know that she is God’s child that he gifted to us for a time. Maybe that’s why her nickname is Cherub!



Brandy Campbell

​I have always wanted to be a mother since as long as I can remember dreaming about what I envisioned for my life as an adult. I am grateful that the Lord has blessed me with this desire of my heart and made me the mommy to little Levi who is now 13 months old! (He was 8 months in this picture above) Motherhood, along with salvation in Christ and marriage, has been so amazingly life changing! I am humbled, challenged, encouraged, loved, needed, confused, and most of all- right where I am meant to be in this day to day life of raising a little one! I am excited to celebrate my second mother’s day this year, especially because I am now carrying our second blessing inside my womb and will be celebrating the gift of growing life in both of my babies!


Jana Helwig

I am so amazed how the Lord can give mothers the gift of love. The love is unexplainable! From the moment Eden looked into my eyes after birth we knew we belonged to each other. I can’t wait to watch our precious little girl learn and grow. I am honored and blessed to be her mother, thank you Lord for the greatest gift I have ever received.


Brittany Helwig

Being a mom is so different than I imagined. From the first time I saw the little bean on the ultra-sound, I was thankful that God would bless me with this gift. When this sweet little one kicked during pregnancy I had so much joy. It didn’t matter to me that she would wake me up in the mornings or give me indigestion. There was no sweeter feeling to know that Viv and I would have a little miracle. Amelia loved to move while in my belly, so it’s no surprise this baby came out kicking and screaming. She is feisty and strong. I love that about her. But of course, I love everything about her. Sometimes I just stare at the little beauty in amazement that she is ours. Being a mom has turned me into such a worrier, but I thank God for such a healthy baby. I never thought I would mind cleaning up spit up and cheering on poopy diapers. Didn’t know I would cry when she got frustrated. I never knew that her recognizing my face would be one of my greatest pleasures. Everything little thing she does is so special and exciting. While I’m overwhelmed with the idea of being responsible for another life and being a good parent, I feel incredibly blessed to have the cutest face smiling at me everyday. I know that it will not be easy- that one day Amelia and I will get in a fight, that she will want to be with friends and not me, that she may chose a college hours away… There will be challenges. But she will always be my daughter and I her mother. I am committed to her. With God’s strength I will teach her, guide her, care for her. I love my Amelia, being her mother is one of my greatest joys!


Lauren Maynor

I absolutely ADORE my sweet sweet boys!! I get so much joy hearing my two year old say a new word or accomplishing a new task. My heart grows so big with each flirty smile that my sweet squishy nugget baby gives me. I feel so much love from these two beautiful boys and I do not know who I would be without them. My life has been completely changed and I look forward to the rest of it being their mother!



Janine Killmer

Having our first born, everything was new and exciting. Every little laugh, every milestone she reached, every day was something new. Having our second child, the achievements blended together. We were more comfortable and those milestones are not as huge. Life took over, instead of the children taking over life. Things got busy at work, fun moments happened, pictures got taken, videos got recorded, dance and chorus practices popped up, cleaning, cooking, — and then we got to go to sleep and do it all over again, everyday. Being told none of that may have happened in the first place floored me. Savannah was born a preemie with the cord wrapped around her neck twice and Lorelei didn’t cry for 2 minutes after she was born. They could have been taken away from us then, but they survived. I knew when they aware born how precious their lives were but, I did not know until 3 years ago that I had a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant in the first place. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and had to have a full hysterectomy. There is no cure for the pain, infertility, and suffering millions of women are put through. That’s when I realized my children surpassed the 50/50 odds and then some, twice before their first breaths! That said, our daughters who are now 9 and 5, were born without us knowing I had Endometriosis. We didn’t have to go through the stress of doubt, the worry or fear of never having children. I am glad I did not know. I do feel for the women that never get the chance to be mothers or are struggling with infertility. I have dealt with pain for years, but finding out that I may have never had my daughters really brought a level of appreciation for them that my husband and I did not know existed. We appreciate Savannah’s quiet, loving nature and Lorelei’s comedic, loud performances. They are polar opposites in many ways, but help each other become better people. Savannah has shown Lorelei how to be a patient little sister, while Lorelei has helped bring out Savannah’s confidence level in being a big sister. This week, Savannah sang her first solo at her school chorus concert. Last night at dinner I mentioned what a great week she had. Savannah replied,” I just didn’t have a great week, I have a great life!” That is all I need to hear. Our kids have a great life. A life they only had a 50% chance of getting and even less of surviving. They are the best Mother’s Day presents.jan

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