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So much has been going on in our family over the last couple of months. We got to see our sweet baby last week and got great news that the hemorrhage is healed!!! Since it is completely gone I can go back to living life as a “normal” pregnant women. I am no longer on bed rest, we could not be more happy! Although we have had many difficulties lately, there is still so much to be celebrated. God’s goodness and the community He has placed around us, has left us in awe. The generosity, love and support we have experienced has been like nothing else we have ever encountered.

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. Psalm 106:1

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Celebrate with us in our new ministry positions at our church, as Peter has been hired as the College Ministry Director, myself as his College Ministry Assistant and the MOPS Coordinator!!!! This has been very exciting and an answer to prayer for our family. We live five minutes away from the (almost) largest university in the country and a very small percentage know or follow Jesus. Please pray with us as we begin new these two new ministries.

What is MOPS? It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, it connects and ministers to moms with children from birth until they start school. Our first EVER meeting is on Tuesday (Sept.8th) and we are expecting 46 moms!!! MOPS made a huge impact on my life when we first moved to Orlando and our prayer is that it will do the same for many more young mothers in our community. If you’re a momma with young children, search for a local MOPS group in your area, I promise it’s worth the hassle of the getting the kids dressed and out the door!

We look forward to sharing more about these ministries, our vision and other ways God is working, as we begin to seek Gospel Partners to join our team in reaching East Orlando.

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We are thrilled to share that our family is growing by ONE MORE SWEET BABY GIRL!!!! A wise father of four (now grown) daughters once shared with us, that we was & still is the most spoiled and well taken care of man on Earth because of all the love he got from his girls. Peter is a very loved man in our home!!

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