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Storing Homemade Baby Food

There are many options for storing homemade baby food. Here are some great options that I love. I actually use […]

You Know You’re a Mom When…

You know you’re a mom when… It’s 2pm before you realize the only thing you’ve eaten all day is half […]

How to Make Baby Food

Making your own baby food is easy and cheap. Reasons to make your own baby food: You know exactly what […]

The Cleanest House on the Block

In the craziness of life when I’m freaking out because someone is coming over and there are socks on the […]

13 Simple Autumn DATE Ideas

.one. Enjoy a cup hot chocolate on the porch. Take a deck of cards with you to play while you […]

9 Fall Family Activities

Activities the whole family will enjoy this fall! one || sing a silly holiday song Play this turkey song and […]

Your Body after Baby

Okay so I have to admit… I was pretty DELUSIONAL about how I THOUGHT I would look & feel postpartum. […]

Keep Dating Your Spouse

So often when people get married they stop pursuing one another. Sometimes it happens on accident. They’ve “caught” their spouse, […]