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Sawyer’s Home Waterbirth Story

((BE ADVISED: This is a birth story, with birthing details and photos. There, I warned you. :)) Having had a […]

Baby Sawyer has arrived!

Sawyer Tyndale Young has made her arrival! She was born at 42 weeks and a day. Friday, August 1st a […]

Hip Baby Names

So after spending months {about 8 to be exact} of searching for the perfect baby name for our little one, […]

Diaper Price Comparison

Publix Brand NB: $7.99 (36ct.) $0.22 per diaper Size 1: $7.99 (50ct.)$0.16perdiaper Size 2: $7.99 (42ct.) $0.19per diaper // $14.99 […]

Picnic Style Maternity Photos

A dear friend took some great maternity photos for us to remember this precious time & bump. We cannot wait […]

If you were never born

If you were never born, I wouldn’t be alive.  I would have never had the opportunity to know the love […]

11 Ways Motherhood Changes You

1. Getting Dressed I used to carefully choose my outfit each morning and take my time getting dressed. Now, I’m […]