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hashtag MOM. {Guest Writer}

Recently, my favorite little duckling and I were on a neighborhood bike ride when we stopped to feed our duck […]

Call us CRAZY!

Sometimes when you’re chasing after Jesus, people might think you are a little cray cray, irresponsible, insane, or even weird. […]

The Perfect Parent.

When Harper was only a few months old, I accidentally nipped her skin while CAREFULLY cutting her teenie tiny fingernails. […]

Why ME?

{My Harper at 2 weeks old. Katie Weber Photography} It’s 1:30pm, I’m unloading the dryer when suddenly, I hear babbling […]

Coping with a miscarriage

{PhotoVia} It was a regular Spring day in April, when two pink lines first appeared on a pee-stick for us. […]

The Cleanest House on the Block

In the craziness of life when I’m freaking out because someone is coming over and there are socks on the […]

Your Body after Baby

Okay so I have to admit… I was pretty DELUSIONAL about how I THOUGHT I would look & feel postpartum. […]

Keep Dating Your Spouse

So often when people get married they stop pursuing one another. Sometimes it happens on accident. They’ve “caught” their spouse, […]