Rest From the Rush

There is usually rush in my day.

An urgency to complete tasks and get things done.

A list to complete, a mess to clear.

Spending the days focused on the work that motherhood brings, the tiny stained clothes, hand prints on the wall, the food to prepare.

But today I will focus on the fun motherhood brings.

Today we will play.

DSC_0419  DSC_0409

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” C.S. Lewis


Oh Lord,

Our hearts is filled with idols. Would you pry them open and empty them of all the desires that are not of you. Clear away the idols that swarm the hearts of a stay-at-home moms. Idols of accomplishment, perfection, approval, and control. On days like today, help us rest in the finished work of Christ. Remind us that the world will not fall apart if we rest and enjoy these blessings you have given us. What sweet sweet joy these arrows have brought us. Motherhood can be so tricky with all the things that need to get done. Bring us balance, Lord. The days seem long but we know the years are short. Unlike a tidy home, you alone can satisfy our hearts. Use us to lead them to you. Remind us that we cannot do that if we’re too busy.


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