Sawyer’s Home Water Birth Story {Part 2}

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((BE ADVISED: This is a birth story, with birthing details and photos. There, I warned you. :))

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PART 2: Birthing the Placenta

My placenta took a while to come out which kept my uterus open which led to a lot of bleeding. My uterus wasn’t contracting so my midwife gave me a shot of Pitocin to help. It took me about an hour to birth the placenta. My midwives put me on an IV drip. Before and after birthing the placenta I continued to bleed. I started feeling lightheaded, I turned pale and my blood pressure dropped. My midwives noticed right away and decided to transfer me to the hospital. They assured us that it was not an emergency they just wanted to be cautious and not take chances because of all the blood I was losing.

An Ambulance arrived to transfer me, it wasn’t an emergency situation so everyone was calm. EMTs took my information, Peter jumped up front, they rolled me in the back and we headed to the hospital with no sirens. I felt calm and at peace about the transfer. God totally gave me peace about childbirth. As my due date approached all my fears trickled away, so I entered childbirth completely fearless, making the experience that much more amazing. The ride to the hospital was calm and quiet besides the machines making noises. I was still so thrilled and on top on the world from the birth experience, nothing could steal my joy.

Sawyer stayed behind because we did not want her to be admitted into the hospital for no reason. I was taken to Labor and Delivery where the doctor on call checked my cervix to make sure everything was closing up the way it is supposed to. Everything was normal and my bleeding slowed down on it’s own. I got 3 stitches for the first degree tearing from delivery. The doctor decided to admit me for continuous monitoring because my blood levels were so low. I wasn’t treated for anything besides getting some iron supplements and a stool softeners.

Later that evening Peter’s mom brought Sawyer to be reunited with us. I was transferred to the Postpartum Unit where we had the loveliest nurse! The hospital allowed us to keep Sawyer with us without admitting her, which was such a blessing since I’m nursing.

DSC_0291Peter’s mom brought Harper to visit us the next day, Saturday. It was a wonderful visit, we hadn’t seen much of Harper with everything going on so we missed our baby girl very much! She loved kissing her little sissy and exploring our room. The nurses loved her too! My blood levels were still not going up so the doctor wanted to keep me another night, which was perfectly fine with us because we were enjoying being catered to by our fabulous nurses.


DSC_0313 (2)Sunday, my hemoglobin levels were still low. Average hemoglobin levels for a woman is 12 and my levels were at 6. I experienced postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH) this happens in up to 6 percent of births. The doctor informed us that in time my body would remake all the blood I had lost but it would take weeks. He went on to explain that with my blood levels being so low, I probably wouldn’t have much energy for a few weeks. With two little ones to take care of he recommended getting a blood transfusion to help my body out and to get me feeling better faster.

Peter and I were not sure at first but we decided to trust Jesus with ALL of my life and go forward with the blood transfusion. The doctor continued to assure us that all blood used, goes through numerous tests. I was reminded that God’s power and plan for my life is not limited by doctors or tests. His plan is His plan and He will work EVERYTHING out for our good and HIS GLORY, whether we understand it or not.

We had some sweet visitors while getting the blood transfusion on Sunday. Halfway through the transfusion I was already feeling like a new person, I had more energy! Right after the transfusion we were discharged and headed home, eager to see our first born! Harper was thrilled to see us and her little sister. We were so thankful for a couple of days of rest but so glad to be together again.


BEST of Both Worlds

My midwives thought I would be disappointed about the transfer but honestly having a homebirth then spending 2 nights in the hospital was really like experiencing the best of both worlds. I got to experience the relaxing, natural, magical homebirth that I wanted then, we were served and taken care of by nurses and hospital staff. They brought us meals, snacks, smoothies and kept my water cup full. Lol. They helped me go to the bathroom and gave me ice packs and changed my pads. We got to lay around for 2 days and just enjoy Sawyer together. We watched TV and slept whenever we wanted. We didn’t have to worry about dishes, laundry or any other household chores. Overall, things worked out perfectly and we would not change a thing.  

So thankful for everyone who was a part of our experience and for our moms helping out so much. When we got home our laundry was completely done, our kitchen was stocked with food and Harper was still alive!

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6 thoughts on “Sawyer’s Home Water Birth Story {Part 2}

  1. This is SO sweet! Praise God for safety for you ALL!! Welcome baby Sawyer and Congratulations to you, Peter and Harper! <3

  2. Thanks, Molly, for sharing so beautifully!! Loved hearing all the details when Randy Kay returned to Tulsa! So thankful God is so faithful & was in control! We can’t wait to meet Sawyer!! Love to each of you…!!!

  3. So glad they let your baby stay with you without being admitted!

    I’m a new follower from BlogLove #bltribedare. Looking forward to connecting!

    By the way, your blog design is absolutely adorable–love it!

  4. What a beautiful family! I’m so happy you were able to have the birth you want, and the R&R time in the hospital to recover. Congratulations on your sweet new baby!

  5. What a great outlook for a no fear birthing experience! Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂 The placenta delivery was my least favorite part of giving birth, because it happened after I was holding my precious little one, ya know! I’m so glad you were able to heal and that your midwives were wise with their non-emergency transfer and you were able to be at peace about it all! What an example!

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