Sawyer’s Home Waterbirth Story

((BE ADVISED: This is a birth story, with birthing details and photos. There, I warned you. :))

Having had a Cesarean with Harper just 7 months before getting pregnant with Sawyer, I had a difficult time finding a VBAC friendly Doctor. We feared that going with one of the local OBs and having our baby in a hospital would lead to another Cesarean, which we did not want. After much research, prayer and discussion we decided a homebirth was the best and safest option for us.

DSC_0479 (2)

At 42 Weeks Our Story Begins

Our midwives could only provide care up to 42 weeks, so a homebirth would be out of the question the following day. Set on my homebirth, I was thrilled when our midwives offered to induced labor by breaking my water that afternoon. After breaking my water they offered one more option to help get things moving, at that point I was willing to try anything! So… I went ahead and got an enema, which ended up creating a hilarious memory for my husband and I. The enema worked its magic and I began having strong contractions within 30 minutes.

Laboring Journey

At 4:30pm we drove home to begin the laboring journey. We listened to worship music as I relaxed through contractions. I labored on a birthing ball, in the shower, the bath tub, and hovered over our bed with Peter rubbing my lower back. It was wonderful being home in my own clothes, using my own shower, eating when I was hungry and free to move around.

It’s so hard to explain a contraction. They are nothing like menstrual cramps, gas pains or anything else I have ever experienced. They’re surges deep down inside, passing through your body like an intense rushing wave. Some so strongly grip your core that it takes so much focus to relax your body. I breathed deep as I tried to stay out of the way of my working uterus. I wouldn’t describe a contraction as feeling nice but there is a power behind it that feels good. Not good, as in pleasurable good, but good as in wow my body is working so hard to move a human down and out.

My midwives arrived later in the evening to check on things and monitor baby. I remained at 4cm most of the evening and early morning. My mom, sister-Mackenzie, Peter’s mom and both of our midwives tried getting some sleep scattered on couches, the floor and the guest room.

Throughout the night about every 1 ½ hours, Peter and I would slip our shoes on and walk around the neighborhood to help things progress. I would lean on Peter with my eyes closed and he would tell me stories about family vacations and mission trips. His stories helped me focus on visualizing something during contractions. I puked at some point between our walks, but it only made me feel better. When I started to doubt myself Peter remind me I was doing great and that we could do whatever I wanted. He prayed for me and read me scripture. Around 5am, I was ONLY 5CM. Feeling exhausted we laid in bed and I dosed in and out of sleep through contractions.

Renewed Strength

Around 7am I got up feeling rested. I was ready to let my body work. I decided I needed to focus on something during each contraction. Every time I would feel a contraction coming, I focused on three things: 90 seconds, Jesus, Sawyer.

  1. Contractions last about 90 seconds. I can make it 90 seconds!!!
  2. Jesus is my redeemer, I have been rescued.
  3. I will be holding Sawyer very soon!!

I had a new found strength, even Peter noticed a change in my attitude. As every surge began, I would repeat those three things in my mind. Around 10am, each surge lasted longer with stronger peaks. I know now this was my “transition” stage because I so desperately wanted to be done, I even asked Peter about going to the hospital.


Around that time, my midwife came upstairs because she noticed a change in my moaning. I was so worried there would be no progress but with a smile, she informed us that I was 9 CM!!!!!!! She went off to get things ready.

In the meantime my mom & sister were out entertaining Harper, while Peter’s momma continued to keep the pool warm. We hurried down and I slipped into the soothingly warm pool. The room was calm and still, I could hear something boiling in the kitchen. Everyone took turns pouring water over my belly during contractions. Someone slipped a cold cloth on my forehead, while someone else kept me hydrated by putting a straw to my lips throughout this stage.DSC_0182 (2)

There was no stress, no pressure, no bright lights, no constant monitoring. My midwives monitored the baby and I throughout all of labor {especially this stage} in such a gentle noninvasive way that I barely remember it at all.

Birthing Baby Sawyer

DSC_0188 (2) At some point my mom and sister returned home, Harper went down for a nap and slept through it all!! After a short time in the pool my body jolted, it was such a weird experience. The signals were loud and clear, my body was ready for the pushing stage. I tried squatting for a bit, but after little progress my midwife suggested I try relaxing and pushing on the toilet. This position helped move Sawyer down.

I think I feel something coming out, I started saying, I feel like she’s right there!

Back into the tub I went. From there the hard work really began as my uterus muscle surged powerfully. My midwife suggested I try pulling my legs up while pushing. So with every surge I would hug my knees, pull them up close to my chest, and bare down with every ounce of strength I could find. Pushing for me was definitely not easy. At some point my mom gave me a spoonful of honey for energy. I was shocked to find out later that I had pushed for 3 hours since it only felt like 20 minutes to me. Towards the end of the pushing stage my midwife told me to reach down and feel the baby’s head. Feeling her fuzzy little head filled me with all the joy and excitement I needed to push the rest of her out.

DSC_0197 (2)The next contraction had more power than the one before. I pushed with all my being and her head came out farther, I could see it through the water! The next few pushes were backed by all the energy I had left. Suddenly, I felt the fruit of my womb slip out, leaving my insides feeling empty but my heart full. At this point, I picture God just gasping, holding His breath in excitement, eager to reveal what He had been creating for us. I experienced the most magical moment and heard the most beautiful words…

Reach down and grab your baby, momma!”

DSC_0222 (3)There she was, this little person we had dreamed about. I reached into the water and pulled her tiny flawless body up to my chest as I cried tears of joy. She let out a beautiful cry. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as we all tried to wrap our human minds around the beautiful miracle we had just witnessed.  It is so hard to explain this experience in words. It was magical, spiritual, empowering, emotional and WONDERFUL. God’s creation is so fascinating and breath taking. While we studied her perfect little body I could imagine the Creator’s loving giddy voice saying things like…

“Look what I created for you, her life was in My plan since before the foundations of the Earth.”

“Look at her eyes! Aren’t they beautiful?? Oh oh and look at her little fingers, I made them long like yours. And I just love the way I formed her little lips and look at those perfect ears.”

Knowing that He created and formed every inch of her for His glory and our joy makes her such a gift!

DSC_0239{Daddy cutting the umbilical chord!}

DSC_0247 (2)It was so wonderful having both grandmother’s there and my little sister Mackenzie this time around to experience this miracle with us.

DSC_0253 (2){First Daddy Daughter Moment}

I got out of the pool, laid on the couch and nursed my baby girl skin to skin. She latched and nursed wonderfully. I was seriously on cloud nine! Shortly after, Harper woke up from her nap and came down to meet her little sister! Harper is loving being a sister and constantly covers Sawyer is wet kisses.

Since this post is so long already, I decided to write the rest of our story on another post.

Sawyer’s Birth Story Part 2

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25 thoughts on “Sawyer’s Home Waterbirth Story

  1. Incredible! So beautiful and moving- i’m crying tears of love and joy reading this. You are such a strong and courageous woman! congrats to you all on successful birth and a gorgeous little angel!

  2. Molly you are such a brave girl!!! this story brought tears to my eyes it’S A BEAUTIFUL experience I have to stay I wish I was as brave as you!!! love ya congrats to you and Peter:) love ya your stories are awesome they keep my stuck to the computer till the end!!!!!

  3. Molly!!! I loved reading this! So amazing!!! 🙂 I am so glad you got pictures too. 🙂 So beautiful to be invited in to experience your birth through reading your story! Good job mom!

  4. Oh my goodness! I literally cried reading this and seeing the beautiful pictures of the first special moments of both you and Peter with your precious little one! I am so proud of you for your strength and endurance through this pregnancy and the laboring process! You are such an inspiration and encouragement to me also being a mama who is praying that a VBAC delivery is God’s plan for us!

  5. There is seriously nothing like it! Absolutely beautiful story! I am so so happy you got to experience a natural childbirth! I bet it is so wonderful in the comforts of your own home. I cannot say enough what a beautiful birth story!! Love love love!!!

  6. I loved reading this birth story! You really have a way with words. I hope when my husband and I start our family that we can have a home birth. And reading stories like yours makes me want it even more! Such a beautiful story from start to finish. Congrats on your little bundle of joy 🙂

  7. What a beautiful birth story! I have always been so intrigued with home births. I’m glad you were able to do it the way you wanted and that you are both healthy! 🙂

  8. Molly, you are so brave this is such a beautiful story and sawyer will die when she hears her mommy and daddy tell her how she was born! Love you 🙂

    • Wow as my eyes fill with tears n roll down my face
      YOU ARE AMAZING !!! A true testament of God’s love and grace congratulations Molly and Peter. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Felicidades! Molly you are amazing, God bless you all! Your story, passion and pictures brought tears to my eyes.
    Love you!

  10. I cried! So reminiscent of my homebirth. The most powerful, life changing moment of mylife. Such a natural way that it’s almost euphoric not painful, spiritual. .. I’m so proud of you and your husband s decision. Let more people understand homebirth and its powerful healing properties! Many props lady and congrats

  11. Molly,
    What a blessing this Story will bring to so many.
    Know that we all have been praying for you and
    Peter. I can’t wait to see you guys ! Know that
    We are so proud of you both and we love you!
    Aunt Dee

  12. Molly,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone! I was hooked just like a good book. I had tears in my eyes through most of it but once you started explaining how you imagined God speaking to you, it totally melted my heart & tears came pouring down. Life is such a precious miracle & I am honored to have been able to read about yours! Congrats to you & Peter! You have a beautiful family!! Enjoy & God Bless

  13. Molly you are an amazing woman,wife and Mother I am very proud to call you my niece, your story and pictures are beautiful, this story was very interesting. Congratulations to you, Peter and Harper for your new bundle of Joy and I also love and admire Peter for been such a wonderful father and companion to you, God bless you’ll, I Love You.

  14. Kinda jealous! I always wanted to do a water birth, but because mine came too quickly I never could. Looks like a beautiful and peaceful way to bring a baby into the world. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  15. She is gorgeous. I was amazed at how everyone looked so calm in the photo. What an awesome experience and miracl. Thanks for sharing this over at The Southern Special.

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