**No babies were harmed during this photo shoot!

Thought it would be sweet getting some sister-sister-sister photos. They turned out to be not so picture perfect, but pretty funny.


Galilee did not enjoy the grass much!


Then Sawyer decided to hide Galilee! HAHA! She obviously did not know how to hold her little sis properly. Can’t you hear us screaming behind the camera??? “Sawyer no, not over her face! Hands down! Gentle! Gentle! Hands off her face.” But she just kept smiling and holding tight.


She moved her hands alright, right over her mouth!


And then there’s this one. No she’s not choking her but the blink mixed in with the death grip, sure makes it look that way! Only took us a minute to see that our little-middle needed some guidance! Here in the background we’re probably screaming, “STOP! Let go of her!! No more!” while running towards her.


And finally, we showed her the correct and safe way to hold her little sissy- under her arms, but at this point Galilee had had enough!

Later, we were excited to sit down and look through all the photos we’d taken. We laughed so much and so hard when we came across these. I love how God throws little sprinkles of humor and laughter into life. Life is hard, parenting three little girls is hard, but oh the joy. There’s so much joy to be had, we just have to see it!┬áLet’s lighten up and try to laugh more. I’m so thankful for humor and laughter in this life!

Can’t wait to show them these gems when they’re older.


I have so many moments where I stand in awe of God and His plan! Still cannot believe He gave me such a loving man and such wonderful little girls to call me momma. I long to be the wife and momma they need, but fail so often. Thank you Lord that your grace is enough and your mercies are new everyday.

This post is all about my favorite peeps! Gosh, I love them!

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