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Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mommas out there!!

Here’s a special shout out to a few of the MOST SPECIAL Moms out there!

Estela Orosz

mommmOne of the reasons my mom is special is because she is such a giving person! She has blessed my little family in more ways than I could even list. She is constantly giving and serving us in so many ways. Growing up with her as my mom was always a blast!!! We have so many wonderful memories together, from dance parties, karaoke nights, Starbucks trips, and movie nights to hilarious road trips, horse shows and lots of shopping sprees. It has been such a sweet year watching her become a grandmother and seeing her in a whole new way. She is such a loving Nana and it’s so much fun watching her and Harper play. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to how much time and energy she has spent caring for me my whole life. Motherhood is HARD WORK and I am so thankful for all the hours she put in, as my momma. Mom, thank you for being such a great, giving mom and sweet Nana. Harper so blessed to have you. I love you Mom and I am soooooooooooo very thankful for you.



I love you mom! I hope you have an awesome mothers day for an awesome mom!!! Thank you for everything you have done for me and thanks for helping me with all my school work although it doesn’t seem like I care but I do! I love you.



kenThank you for being there for me whenever I need you. You are the best mommy a girl could ask for! I like going to the mall with you and out to dinner and I like hanging out with you all the time. Thank you for all you do for me. Happy Mother’s Day!



Layla Ring


Momma, You are so special to me. When I think of you, I smell Smoky Mountain air; I see elegant lavender stalks; I hear your vivacious laughter; I taste heritage comfort food of cabbage and potatoes; I feel the safety and warmth of being snuggled up in “the nest” with Lucian and Virginia. Thank you for helping to fill my life with so many beautiful memories. Thank you for always supporting my dreams and goals. You fill my life with so much joy and beauty. I am so grateful that you are my mom and “I will love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my mommy you’ll be”.



Caroline Cappuccio

Jean Salamon
brittjeanI love my mom. She is the backbone of our family. She has demonstrated sacrificial love for me time and time again. When I was younger, she drove me to Orlando twice a week for dance classes. When I procrastinated on a homework assignment, she would help me get it done. She helped me carry my furniture up stairs when I moved to St. Augustine. She made homemade fudge for our wedding favors, and stayed with us for two weeks to help out after Amelia was born. She is such a sweet, kind, compassionate, and thoughtful person. She works so hard to make sure everyone is well taken care of and never complains. My mom has always let me be me. We are quite different, but that is such a gift to have. She never tells me I need to do things a certain way; she gently gives advice. I know that I am confident and independent because of her. She is always my biggest supporter. After every dance performance I would ask her what her favorite piece was and she would always say, “the one you were in of course.” Some of my favorite family memories are celebrating birthdays and holidays. My mom is usually somewhat reserved, but when the family gets together, we can get a little rowdy. I love when my mom starts dancing and laughing and clapping. What she lacks in rhythm she makes up for in enthusiasm. She says everything with a slight twain because she is a native West Virginian. Instead of paying a bill, she pays a ‘beel.’ This woman loves her some chocolate! She eats very healthily, but she will not pass up chocolate. She never wears makeup, jewelry and she has never dyed her hair. Yet she has a beauty beyond what those things offer. Last year we celebrated her 60th birthday by going on a cruise as a family. That is a memory I will always treasure. We ate dinner together each night and spent quality time together on a Mexican beach. (Pictured) Like most moms, she can be a worrier, but she has always stayed closed to God and prayed for our family. Now she is also a wonderful ‘Grammy’ to my daughter Amelia. I am thankful to God for my sweet mother!


Brittany Helwig

Mrs. Gray

amymomMrs. Gray (my mom) has been an excellent mother and role model for me.

Some examples are:

– raising me on whole food up ‘till college

– homeschooling me in the 1990’s, before it was “cool”

– Instilling in me Christian values and a love for God

– always being there for me

– sending me to Flagler College, though she probably would have loved for me to stay in Lakeland

– listening to me as I went through growing pains or called at 2am with a broken heart

– forgiving all my mistakes ….

Of course, her latest and greatest was opening her heart and home to my almost-husband Max. At first, I didn’t know what to expect but she has embraced him as the son she never had (I’m an only child) and made him feel very special. My mom is awesome and even though I will change my name in a month, I’ll always be her little girl.


Amy Gray

 Donna Tippin

donnaMy mom is someone who can make any one smile and is always willing to do for others way more than she will ever do for herself! My mom is so sweet and thoughtful and I am so thankful to not only have such a wonderful mom but also a wonderful friend in her! Since I will be becoming a mommy in a couple of months I can only pray that I am as comforting, loving, nurturing, and as patient as she is! I also can not wait to watch her become a Grammy! My son will be one spoiled and loved boy from my mom and I am so excited for him to experience all the love that she has to give! I am so thankful for my mom and the wonderful inspiration and role model she has always been to me! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!



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