Storing Homemade Baby Food

There are many options for storing homemade baby food. Here are some great options that I love. I actually use all of these storing methods because they each have different benefits!

Ice Cube Trays & Ziplock Bags

Pour cooked and pureed food into ice cube trays, cover with wax paper and put in the freezer. Once frozen, pop cubes out into a large labeled and dated ziplock bag. This is the one I use most often. When you’re ready to use cubes you’ll need to remove them from the freezer hours before serving, allowing them to thaw. Place cubes in a sealed container and leave on the counter for thawing. If you’re in a hurry, boil water, place cubes in a glass container with a lid, then place container in boiling or hot water until unfrozen.

Thinking Ahead: Each night, I prepare Harper’s meals for the following day by removing the amount of food cubes I need from the freezer. Next, place them in separate containers, one for each meal. Then, place containers in the frig and they should be ready to go in the morning.


Baby Food Pouches

I LOVE these because when you’re going out and baby needs a meal they are so easy to just grab out of the frig or freezer. I try to keep a variety of foods stored in these and I only use them when we’re on the run. Whether we’re going out to lunch, to a friends for dinner or traveling out of town, these pouches are so convenient and wonderful. When you’re done just trash them, you don’t have to keep up with remembering baby bowls or Tupperware.

Here’s a great video to show you how awesome they are.



1- Anything you put in them must be smooth and pureed. Chunky foods clog the hole and makes things a little frustrating.

2- You have to purchase the bags, the station and the spoon attachments separately. Things can get pricey.


We love this system and find it very convenient.

Block Storage Containers

These are also very convenient and easy-to-use containers. You can put them in the frig or freezer, and also take them with you when you’re on the go. I love these because they come in perfect little serving sizes that match the different “stages” of baby food. After making baby food just fill these up and they’re ready when you need them. They’re work as your own baby food jars.


Looking to make your own baby food? Here are some great recipes.

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