A post written by Brooke over at The idea of cloth diapering can be overwhelming. I don’t think there is any doubt that they are truly better than disposable diapers…they save thousands of dollars each year, they are about a million times better for the environment, they are much safer for your baby’s sensitive […]

22 Great Uses for Breastmilk

You thought breast milk was only meant to feed your baby??? No way! There are many many more awesome uses for breast milk, these are just a few useful ones for mommas. Not only is breast milk sterile, it’s packed with antibodies, it’s natural and it’s FREE! I was super excited to find some of […]

Diaper Price Comparison

Publix Brand NB: $7.99 (36ct.) $0.22 per diaper Size 1: $7.99 (50ct.)$0.16perdiaper Size 2: $7.99 (42ct.) $0.19per diaper // $14.99 (92ct) $0.16 per diaper Size 3: $7.99 (42ct.) $0.19per diaper // $14.99 (86ct.) $0.17 per diaper Size 4: $14.99 (74ct.) $0.20 per diaper Size 5: $7.99 (27ct.) $0.30 per diaper // $14.99 (62ct.) $0.24 per […]