My Reflective Morning as a Mom

Samantha woke up, so the family woke up. We started the day like every other day, giving her milk, Dad rushing around gathering his stuff to leave for work, me looking at what dirty clothes on the floor I could get away with wearing again. Since having a baby, getting dressed has become a little […]

20 Momma Freebies

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?? I have used and loved most of these deals. Most of the links lead you to the website where you have to give your information before receiving anything free. Have fun and feel free to share any other momma freebies you’ve recently enjoyed! 1| Sling from Seven 2| Breast Pump […]

12 Simple Ways to Entertain your Toddler

I’m always looking for random activities to entertain Harper while I’m cooking dinner or trying to get something done. Here are a few simple activities that seem to entertain her for 20-40 minutes at a time. They’re aren’t super awesome “Pinterest” activities. They take very little prep and very little materials. 1| Raw Pasta Noodles. I […]

Special Mom Awards Go To…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mommas out there!! Here’s a special shout out to a few of the MOST SPECIAL Moms out there! Estela Orosz One of the reasons my mom is special is because she is such a giving person! She has blessed my little family in more ways than I could […]